ATEEZ Talks About Returning During October’s Heated Comeback Battle, Releasing 1st Full Album, And More

On October 8, ATEEZ held a showcase in Seoul to mark their return with their first full album “TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action”!

At the special event, they premiered their title track “Wonderland” and b-side “Sunrise.”

After performing, Jongho said, “I was really nervous before we started because we’d prepared a lot as it’s our first album, but now I feel pleased after our performance because I think we did a good job at preparing. I feel relieved too.”

The group released their third mini album in June and are returning only a few months later with their full album. Hongjoong explained, “We made a quick comeback, but we were preparing for this album before that. We put a lot of care into it, and since it’s our first full album we wanted to show that we’ve grown, so we worked hard on it. We hope that you’ll be excited about it and support it a lot.”

On completing their first full album, Yeosang said, “If I were to describe it in one word, I’d say, ‘touching.’ ATEEZ worked really hard on this album and the result is great so our work hasn’t been in vain, and I want to express that by saying I’m touched.”

Jongho shared, “When we did choreography lessons, we spent six to seven hours a day practicing. We practiced with an emphasis on creating harmony between the eight of us in the choreography. Since we’re idol singers, we also practiced singing live and practiced a lot so that we could achieve 100 percent.”

October is a month jam-packed full of comebacks with many groups releasing new music. When asked about this, Hongjoong said, “There are a lot of groups making comebacks. We’ve been thinking a lot while making our comeback too, but I think it will be a good learning experience. We’ll be able to see a lot of performances so I’m really excited about that, and I think that in the midst of that, we’ll also be able to show the things that we’ve been working hard to prepare.”

The group was also asked what kind of event they’d like to do if they win first place. Hongjoong said, “I think that if there’s a good result, then it’s a result that was achieved by our fans.” He went on to say, “It would be great if we could hold something where we and our fans ATINY could congratulate each other.”

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