Members Of MONSTA X, WJSN, AB6IX, And More Show Their Handwriting For Hangul Day Font Contest

As Korea celebrated the invention of hangul (the Korean alphabet) on Hangul Day on October 9, stars showed their love for the alphabet in their own handwriting!

Since September 4, around 25,000 people of all ages have submitted their handwriting for Naver’s contest for this year’s Hangul Day. Naver then chose 109 of them to produce and share fonts based on the submitted handwriting by using its AI technology Clova.

MONSTA X’s I.M and Minhyuk posted selfies while holding up a piece of paper with handwritten messages. I.M wrote, “For the approaching Hangul Day on October 9, Naver made I.M’s one and only special handwriting into a font! It was a meaningful time looking back at the meaning of Hangul Day. I think it’d be nice if Monbebes [MONSTA X’s official fandom] also participated. Follow MONSTA X!”

Minhyuk wrote, “In order to look back at the meaningful of Hangul Day, Naver turned Minhyuk’s one and only handwriting into a font! Can Monbebe also look back at the meaning of Hangul Day which will be on October 9? Follow MONSTA X! Follow!”

Kang Daniel also showed off his handwriting. His photos were shared with the message, “For October 9 Hangul Day, Daniel also participated in the Hangul Day handwriting contest. The name of the one and only font created in Daniel’s handwriting is ‘DANITYChe.’ DANITYs, all of you should also participate in Naver’s Hangul Day handwriting contest and create your one and only handwriting.”

“DANITY” is the name of Kang Daniel’s fan club while “Che” means a style of language.

AB6IX also participated in the event. Park Woo Jin wrote, “ABNEW [AB6IX’s official fandom] How’s Woo Jin’s font?” and Lee Dae Hwi wrote, “I love you ABNEW.”

Lim Young Min wrote, “Hello! This is AB6IX’s Young Min” while Jeon Woong said, “Think of Woong a lot today as well.” Kim Dong Hyun wrote, “The weather is nice. Good luck today as well!”

WJSN’s Yeoreum also showed off her handwriting for the contest. She wrote, “I’ll become WJSN’s Yeoreum who doesn’t forget about the preciousness of Hangul and works hard to use correct, good words. Thank you to Naver who turned my handwriting into a font for the promotion of the Hangul Day handwriting contest.”

LOONA’s HeeJin wrote, “Orbit [LOONA’s official fandom]. Let’s always be together just like now. From LOONA’s HeeJin.”

Chungha wrote to her fans BYULHARANG and expressed her love for them. She added, “Dress warmly for the weather since it’s getting colder!”

Apink’s Chorong revealed the font for her handwriting called “RongRongChe.” She explained, “My name Park Chorong is also a Korean name. I’m introducing all of you to ‘RongRongChe’ which was created by the meeting of my handwriting and the Hangul Day handwriting contest.”

Soyou shared her own handwritten font and encouraged fans to try making their own as well.

Outside of the Naver contest, “Running Man” cast member Jun So Min created the “Running Man Jun So Min” font which fans can freely download for three months on the show’s website.

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