Supporting Characters In “Melting Me Softly” Who Are Stealing The Show

Melting Me Softly” has captured viewers with its jam-packed story and eye-catching characters!

This drama, which tells the story of a man and woman who wake up 20 years after participating in a freezing experiment, has earned praise for creating characters who fill the screen with their presence.

Ma Dong Chan’s colleagues

Son Hyun Ki (played by Im Won Hee) and Kim Hong Seok (played by Jung Hae Kyun) played a part in keeping silent and covering up the “frozen human project” during the time of Ma Dong Chan (played by Ji Chang Wook)’s disappearance in 1999. When Ma Dong Chan reappeared, they were completely taken aback and full of anxiety.

Because 20 years have passed by, Son Hyun Ki looks as if he could pass for Ma Dong Chan’s father but still refers to him as his “senior.” Ma Dong Chan made viewers laugh by saying, “You got really old now that I’m looking at you closely. Did you live carelessly?”

Ma Dong Chan’s family

Each member of Ma Dong Chan’s family is unique. After waking up 20 years later, he mistook his younger brother Ma Dong Shik (played by Kim Won Hae) as his father Ma Pil Goo (also played by Kim Won Hae). Kim Won Hae’s surprising portrayal of two roles made viewers burst into laughter.

His younger sister Ma Dong Joo (played by Jeon Soo Kyung) and now-elderly mother Kim Won Jo (played by Yoon Suk Hwa) add entertainment to the plot, along with his niece Ma Seo Yoon (played by Oh Ah Rin), who made a memorable first impression by showing off her expressive language skills.

Go Mi Ran’s ex-boyfriend

Although Go Mi Ran (played by Won Jin Ah)’s cheating ex-boyfriend Hwang Byung Shim (played by Baro) changed his name to Hwang Dong Hyuk (played by Shim Hyung Tak), his loser-like tendencies remained unchanged. Their relationship is something she wants to forget about, but is something that’s unforgettable to him. She was further shocked by the revelation that he is now married to her best friend Oh Young Sun (played by Seo Jeong Yeon).

Freezing project scientists

Hwang Kap Soo (played by Seo Hyun Chul) and his assistant Cho Ki Bum (played by Lee Moo Saeng) are also an unforgettable pair. Because Professor Hwang, who started this whole sequence of events, lost all of his memory after waking up 20 years later, Cho Ki Bum finds himself in an unfortunate situation. He created a comical scene through his efforts to bring back the professor’s memory.

A source from the drama said, “All of the characters in ‘Melting Me Softly’ will show off their individual charms and bring more fun from here on out. The team of dependable supporting actors including Im Won Hee, Jung Hae Kyun, Kim Won Hae, Jeon Soo Kyung, Kim Won Jo, Oh Ah Rin, Shim Hyung Tak, Oh Young Sun, Seo Hyun Chul, Lee Moo Saeng, and more will fill the drama and bring more fun, so please look forward to ‘Melting Me Softly.'”

“Melting Me Softly” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST.

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