4 Moments That Left Viewers’ Hearts Racing In “The Tale Of Nokdu”

KBS 2TV’s “The Tale of Nokdu” has thrilled viewers with its romantic scenes between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun!

“The Tale of Nokdu” tells the story of a man named Jeon Nok Du (played by Jang Dong Yoon), who disguises himself as a woman to enter a mysterious all-female community with hopes to discover the truth. There, he meets Dong Dong Joo (played by Kim So Hyun), a gisaeng-in-training who wants to be anything but a gisaeng (female courtesan), and they become roommates.

Here are four moments that left viewers’ hearts racing in “The Tale of Nokdu”!

1. “Can I call you unni?”

After Nok Du, who grew up in a peaceful village, met the spunky Dong Joo, his life began to change. They had their first meeting when she was dressed as a man, but he was unable to tear his eyes off Dong Joo when she cut her own hair in order to stop a violent aristocrat.

The unusual meeting between the two led to a series of unpredictable and eventful days. After rooming together with Dong Joo, who didn’t know that he was actually a man, Nok Du was faced with unexpected, heart-fluttering situations. Though he acted tough, he helped feed Dong Joo and did the laundry himself when she hurt her hand, causing viewers’ hearts to melt at his caring actions.

Dong Joo, who had been lonely, couldn’t help but appreciate Nok Du’s kindness. The scene in which Dong Joo held on to the hem of Nok Du’s skirt as she asked with a shy smile, “Can I call you unni?” had both Nok Du and the viewers’ hearts pounding. Although Nok Du quickly replied, “I’m not your unni,” his heart had already began to skip a beat when it came to Dong Joo.

2. Enchanting fan dance lesson

After Dong Joo found out that Nok Du was a man, she began to take it upon herself to make sure his real identity remained a secret at the widow’s village. A romantic current began to flow between Nok Du and Dong Joo, who unintentionally became his secret keeper.

Nok Du later offered to teach Dong Joo a fan dance, since she had no sense of rhythm. This moment created a strange tension between them that wasn’t present when she still believed Nok Du was a man, and they began to grow more conscious of each other. It wasn’t this moment that had Dong Joo’s heart racing, however. As they got closer, Nok Du told Dong Joo, who had unknowingly revealed her innermost thoughts, “It must have been hard. Trying to get by while only doing the things you hate.” The fact that Nok Du was one of the few people to sympathize with her helped thaw Dong Joo’s frozen heart.

3. “Starting today, I’m your mother.”

When Dong Joo was threatened by an aristocrat, she decided to risk her own life to save Lady Cheon. She entered the aristocrat’s home with a dagger hidden in her sleeve, but she ended up coming face-to-face with Nok Du, who was dressed in gentlemen’s attire. This was the first time that the two had faced each other through their “true” identites, bringing both a tension and excitement to the scene.

Nok Du approached Dong Joo as he commented, “Starting today, I’m your mother.” When asked why he would take such extreme measures for her, Nok Du replied, “I wanted to make sure that you don’t have to do at least one thing you hate to do.” While Nok Du did not realize it himself, his blunt feelings towards Dong Joo gave viewers an unexpected thrill.

4. Nok Du opens up Dong Joo’s heart

Dong Joo distanced herself from former marriage partner Yool Moo (played by Kang Tae Oh), who reminded her of the past that she couldn’t return to. As she recalled the memory of the day she lost her family in her old home, she began to cry. Seeing this, Nok Du wiped away her tears and told her, “You’ll get sick if you keep all of this in.”

Before he knew it, Dong Joo stopped crying, and Nok Du silently watched as she thought about her happy past with a bright grin. Their dazzling smiles as they looked into each other’s eyes excited viewers, but above all, they raised expectations by signaling a change in their relationship.

“The Tale of Nokdu” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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