BTS’s Jimin Dominates Twitter’s Worldwide Trends As Fellow Members + Fans Celebrate His Birthday

As BTS’s Jimin rang in his 24th birthday, his fans and bandmates celebrated the occasion by taking over Twitter!

Jimin officially turned 24 years old (by international reckoning) on October 13, and shortly after midnight KST, ARMY began trending numerous hashtags related to the idol in honor of his special day. Within minutes, all of the top eight worldwide trends on Twitter—and 17 of the top 19—were dedicated to Jimin.

As of 1:19 a.m. KST, #HappyBirthdayJimin was still the highest-trending topic on the social media platform, followed by Jimin at No. 2, #LovelyJiminDay at No. 3, #HappyJIMINday at No. 4, #OurLightJimin at No. 5, #JiminBirthday at No. 6, Jiminie at No. 7, and Park Jimin at No. 8.

#WithJiminTillTheEnd was trending at No. 10, #OurOctoberSerendipity at No. 11, a Korean hashtag translating to “Jimin, we love you always” at No. 12, a Korean hashtag translating to “An emotionally moving day for Jimin whose existence itself is moving” at No. 13, #1013Gift at No. 14, #OurStageFairyJimin at No. 15, #OurSingerJimin at No. 16, #JiminWeLoveYou at No. 17, and #JiminKeepSmiling at No. 19.

The other BTS members also took to Twitter within the hour to share fun messages for the birthday boy.

Jin posted a photo of a messily scrawled handwritten note reading “Jimin, Happy Birthday [from] Seokjinnie hyung.” He jokingly added in the caption, “Happy Birthday, Jimin. It took me three hours to write this.”

Suga wrote the message: “Happy Birthday, Jimin. I hope that this year, you eat a lot and get much taller.” He playfully added in the hashtags, “This is Suga hyung,” “Happy Birthday Jimin,” “Here, it’s still not your birthday yet,” and “But since it’s 12 in Korea.”

RM shared two photos that he had taken of Jimin and wrote, “Happy Birthday, Jimin. #Namjoonie hyung.”

In keeping with BTS’s old tradition of posting funny photos of each other on their birthdays, Jungkook shared two amusing behind-the-scenes shots of Jimin and wrote, “Happy Birthday, Jiminie hyung! And also, I’m sorry.”

He hilariously added in the hashtags, “Happy Birthday Jimin,” “I’m really sorry.” “Sorry,” “Once again, I’m sorry,” “I know you look cool no matter what you do but I’m still sorry,” “It seems like you’re still sleeping, but I’m sorry,” “You know how I feel, right? I’m sorry,” “You’re me, and I’m so sorry” [a play on words in Korean], “I decided that it needed to be done for laughs; I’m sorry,” “No matter how much I thought about it, this photo was exactly the right fit; I’m sorry,” and “I love you.”

J-Hope posted his own photos of Jimin and wrote in the caption, “Happy Birthday to our pretty Jiminie. Let’s eat something delicious in Korea.”

Finally, V shared an artfully taken photo of Jimin and wrote, “Happy Birthday, my friend.” He jokingly added in the hashtag, “Yep,” “That’s right,” “This is your Hyung,” “This is Kim Tae Hyung,” “That’s right,” and “Happy Birthday, and I’ll take more pretty photos of you in the future.”

He then went on to post several funny edited photos of the birthday boy.

Check out some of the many loving tweets that ARMY posted for Jimin’s birthday below!

Happy Birthday, Jimin!

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