Heize On Making Comeback Around Same Time As IU And Taeyeon, Writing Songs Based On Her Experience, And More

In a recent interview, Heize talked about various topics involving music.

Heize is known for doing well on music charts, and she talked about the pressure behind it. She shared, “I see the charts these days and realize it’s not easy. That’s why I actually don’t feel any pressure. For the first time, I just want to let everyone hear it, and this is an album that I worked on with happiness and satisfaction.”

The artist also talked about making a comeback around the same time as IU and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. IU will returning sometime in November, and Taeyeon’s new release is due out on October 22. When asked if she thought of them as rivals, she answered, “I don’t think we can be rivals. I really think we’re going different ways. Also, they’re artists I admire and respect so much. I’m just amazed and honored that our names can be next to each other. It’s not like I can influence them, and I’m not affected by them either. I, too, have been waiting and anticipating [their comebacks].”

Next, Heize shared her thoughts on why people like her music. She explained, “First of all, it seems that the generation worked in my favor. Around 2016 and 2017, there was a sudden surge in singer-songwriters, and that worked in my favor. I wrote my lyrics honestly without any pretense. I’m sure other people go through the same things as I do, and I go through the same things as them as well. So I think more people listen to my songs because they can relate with them.”

She mentioned bumps in her career, saying, “All of my songs are based on my experiences, but these days, all I do is work, and there are no changes in my life. When my inspiration disappears, I wonder how I will write my songs. I’ve never written a song inspired by my imagination or by books and movies. Also, I think those kinds of things could hurt my style. The pattern of my everyday life is always the same.”

Heize also admitted that she works too much and said wasn’t ready for dating yet. Laughing, she shared, “I do want to date. However, that doesn’t mean I’m lonely. I hope that a good person will appear naturally. I wish he could understand me naturally. I’m not going to have a public relationship, but I don’t think I’m going to hide it extensively either.”

The artist talked about her title track “Late Autumn” in her upcoming mini album. She described, “There is a couple who met long enough to know everything about each other through their eyes and facial expressions, but from some point on, [the man] starts acting like he has someone else. While dating, she knew how much he valued her, so she thinks there must be a reason for his behavior. She knows he’s a good person, so she thinks she could have done something to make him like someone else. Because she knows how careful he is, she understands that he would have thought a lot about it before falling in love with someone else.”

She added that the song shows the protagonist’s thoughts of wanting to turn away coldly because she doesn’t want to hear the person say they have someone else.

Heize confessed that the story in “Late Autumn” is from her own experience. She explained, “Unless I’m asked to write a song as a drama OST or to feature in someone else’s songs, all of my songs are from my experience. I first started to write songs by adding melodies to my diary entries. I’m still working by attaching melodies to words that are written in the form of a diary.”

She revealed more about her breakup, saying, “It was autumn then. When we parted ways, I thought, ‘I’m glad we did it before it got any colder.’ If it was as cold as it in the middle of winter, I would have stayed at home. I thought I was lucky to have broken up at a time when I could recover, and the lyrics actually say, ‘I’m glad we did it before it got any colder.’ The keywords that reflected the seasonal background and feelings were ‘late autumn.'”

Heize’s fifth mini album will be released on October 13 at 6 p.m. KST.

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