Tattoo Shop Addresses Big Hit’s Response And Malicious Comments Following BTS’s Jungkook’s Dating Rumor

Tattoo shop TA2LUV posted on Instagram about the malicious comments they have been receiving.

Last month, BTS’s Jungkook was swept up in a dating rumor with a tattoo artist who works at TA2LUV, and both Big Hit Entertainment and the tattoo artist denied the rumor.

On October 13, TA2LUV uploaded screenshots of messages they received on Instagram and KakaoTalk. The messages contain severe curse words and accuse the tattoo shop of leaking the photos that led to the dating rumors.

The full translation of TA2LUV’s caption is as follows:

These are the kinds of messages we receive hundreds of every day.

Yesterday, we spoke to a number of BTS fans about several things, and we understood that the people who attack and blackmail us are mostly not BTS fans. I believe the situation would have passed easily if we had stayed quiet as Big Hit had advised us to do in the beginning.

However, should I still be receiving messages like this more than a month after the incident, attending police investigations because someone reported our tattoo shop, receiving psychiatric help, being unable to sleep every night, and spending every day drinking?

And are you saying I should just watch my family, friends, and acquaintances being attacked, cursed at, and blackmailed? We kept contacting Big Hit for advice on how to handle the issue.

Initially, [Big Hit] expressed their regret and advised us to stay quiet because things will be okay after time passes. We blindly trusted and followed their words.

And of course, we believed they would take the appropriate measures or speak on our behalf.

In the end, [Big Hit] told us that they have no responsibility over this because it happened during Jungkook’s vacation and has not contacted us since. In our last call, they made us seem like we were expecting some sort of compensation, so we firmly told them that we don’t need it and that we never wanted it.

We’ve been going through lots of pain and damage, and we continue to receive more and more harm.

We began to think that we were fools for allowing ourselves to be treated like this by [Big Hit] and the malicious commenters, so after much thought, we told some fans about our situation through an online messenger.

They were only a small portion [of the fandom], but we truthfully told them what they were curious about. After the conversations, we figured out that most of the attacks, blackmailing, and reports were done by malicious commenters pretending to be BTS fans and that there are many more fans who are worrying about us and apologizing. However, we believe the tattoo shop will continue to be greatly harmed and that the attacks and blackmailing will continue.

I will tell you once more! Mi Joo (tattoo artist involved in dating rumor with Jungkook) and Jungkook’s dating rumors are absolutely false, the tattoos of their initials are absolutely false, and all related photos and videos were not leaked by the members of the tattoo shop.

Mi Joo is only a girl who draws and works hard at her job, and she’s a bright, kind, and ordinary girl around your age.

Also, we have never uploaded anything related to BTS or Jungkook, and we do not have any intention of doing business through those kinds of things.

If anything, they are being magnified and spread by unidentifiable malicious commenters.

We have heard detailed information from some fans about the malicious commenters’ nicknames and where they appear. We will track them as best as we can and make them take all responsibility.

We thank BTS fans for their encouragement, and we deeply apologize for our words and behavior due to a misunderstanding. We will not answer any more questions. You may have lots of questions, but with time, they will naturally be answered by Big Hit and Jungkook.

It has also been a long time since we contacted [Big Hit] and Jungkook.

We know that negative comments will come up through unidentifiable, suspicious accounts. Though they pretend to be saying the right thing, they’re probably on the lookout and scared.

Lastly, regarding the people cursing at, attacking, and blackmailing us, we will consider them as cowardly, attention-seeking malicious commenters, not BTS fans, and we will not respond to them in any way.

TA2LUV’s Instagram account has been turned private as of 1 p.m. KST.

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