Celebrities Express Sorrow Over Sulli’s Passing

Updated October 20 KST:

On October 17, Lee Yeon Hee, an actress under SM Entertainment, wrote on her Instagram, “..Pretty girl.. Rest well.. ..I’m sorry..”

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..예쁜이.. 편히 쉬어.. ..미안해..

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Updated October 18 KST:

Former After School member Kahi posted, “I am sad…and my heart hurts.. I hope she will rest well…..”

Go Kyung Pyo wrote, “Don’t worry about me. Pray for her.”

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Don't worry about me. Pray for her.

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Shim Eun Jin, who originally debuted as a member of the girl group Baby V.O.X, began, “The sad news of a junior at a beautiful age makes my heart very heavy. I did not know much about her, but a corner of my heart feels very heavy.”

She continued, “I was reminded of myself in the industry when I was about 25 or 26. I remembered what kind of stress and what kind of thoughts were going through my head at that time. They all told me to just endure it, and they still tell me. After debuting at the age of 18, I think I am still enduring until now.

Shim Eun Jin went onto to talk about the legal battle she is personally experiencing with malicious commenters and added, “Beyond the excitement and fun felt, if you wonder if your actions are morally wrong, stop there. You shouldn’t not do them because you are scared if the law intensifies, but stop before that. If you stop, nothing will happen. If you think, ‘Will something happen if I, one person, upload this one post?’ If you don’t upload that one post, nothing will happen.”

She concluded, “I did not know much about her, but I will pray for her to rest in peace.. And I will pray for her family and friends to not fall down..”

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꽃같은 나이인 후배의 비보는 참 마음을 무겁게 합니다. 저는 그녀에 대해 잘 알지 못합니다. 그러나 마음한쪽이 참으로 무거워집니다. 제가 25살..26살.. 때의 연예활동이 생각났습니다. 그때의 제가 어떠한 스트레스와 어떠한 마음을 갖고있었는지 기억이 났습니다.. 모두 버티라고들 말했고, 말합니다. 저역시 18살에 데뷔하여 지금까지 버티고있는 중일거라 생각합니다. 아마 지금 현재를 살아가는 모두는 버티고 있는중이겠지요.. 그래서 이러한 소식을 들으면, 마음한켠이 따끔거립니다.. 심지어, 저는 지금 악플러와 고소재판중이기에, 이러한 소식이 남일같지않습니다. 저희의 재판은, 지난달 27일 선고되기로 하였으나, 검사님측에서 저희의 탄원서와 추가증거자료를 검토하시고 이번달 30일로 변론재판을 요청하셔서 30일에 다시 재판, 그리고나서 선고가 날 예정입니다. 이미 그 전에 김리우배우와의 단독재판은 피의자 항소심이 기각이되어 실형이 확정되었습니다. 이제 저희의 재판 선고를 앞두고 있는 와중에 이런 비보를 접하고, 어제 오늘.. 마음이 참 무겁고 답답했습니다.. 답답한마음에 글을 올립니다. 사람이 하는 행동엔 무조건 책임이 따릅니다. 그것은 어떤 사회적 지위나, 계급으로 나뉘어 지는게 아니고, 사람이라면, 자기가 하고 있는 행동에 책임이 따르기 마련입니다. 내가 지금 하는 행동이 재미와 흥미를 떠나서 도덕적으로 잘못하는게 아닌가 라는 생각이 든다면 거기서 멈춰주세요. 법이 강경해져 법이 무서워서 하면 안돼보단, 그 전에 멈춰주세요. 멈추면, 아무일도 생기지않습니다. 나 하나, 이런거 하나 올린다고 어떻게 되겠어? 라는 마음이 든다면 나하나, 이런거하나 올리지 않으시면, 어떻게 안됩니다. 그녀에 대해 잘 몰랐지만, 기도하겠습니다. 편히 쉬기를.. 그리고, 그녀의 가족과 지인들을 위해 기도하겠습니다. 무너지지 마시기를..

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Jung Il Woo wrote, “I hope you can smile brightly in a good place.. Pray for you..”

Cha Ae Ryun revealed that she did not know Sulli personally but shared her admiration through her post. “She was courageous…She was beautiful…I was so jealous of her confidence in having her own beliefs…”

She continued, “Such a beautiful person…I hope you will become a great big star that can make the world shine the brightest. A pretty person….I hope you will live very comfortably in a prettier place.”

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? 그녀가 나는 너무 예뻣나보다… 나는 그녀에게 반했었나 보다.. 용기로웠다… 아름다웠다… 자기 소신있게 당당한 모습이 너무 부러웠다… . 아름다운 곳으로가서 하고 싶은거 모두 하며 예쁜 꽃이든 .가장 예쁘게 반짝이는 별이 되어요 . 아름다운사람… 세상을 가장 밝힐수있는 아주 큰 별이 되길 바래요??? . 내가…기도할께요?? . 인생….죽음…. 그 날들을 얼마나 꼼꼼히 채우며 행복하게 살아나갈지 고민하며 행복을 찾는거예요!우리 할수있어요 노력해야만 해요!!??? . 모든 사람들이 슬퍼할때….우리 함께 추억 해주고 고인의 명복을 진심으로 바래주어요 우리❤ 우린 똑같은 터전을 살아가는 인간 이기에….. . 우리 함께 고인의 발걸음 한마음으로 위로해주길..??? . .

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Updated October 16 KST:

Choiza shared a photo on his Instagram and wrote, “We spent the most beautiful moments of our lives together. Though I send you away so regrettably, I’ll treasure our memories until the day I close my eyes. I miss you very much.”

Yoon Jong Shin posted on his Instagram, “Through that short conversation we had for the first and last time, I realized that you’re an amazing person. I hope you will shine in that place just like you did when were so focused and excited.”

On her Instagram Stories, Park Soo Ah (formerly known as Lizzy) uploaded photos of herself and Sulli from a photo booth machine. She wrote, “Sulli, Jin Ri, be happy in that place.”

Updated October 16 KST:

Yoo Ah In posted a message on his Instagram for Sulli, something he wrote over the course of the two days following news of her passing.

Here is the full post:

Sulli has died. Her real name is Jin Ri, Choi Jin Ri. I met her a couple of times for work, and I was just another formal colleague who called her Sulli instead of Jin Ri.

She was an icon. Some cut her down and didn’t like her, but I thought she was a hero. An icon of the new generation who was fearless in her freedom of self and expression. An absolute winner who happily punted musty, antiquated ideas of ethics. An angel here to save young sheep who are caught in indecision between nosiness and self-censorship.

I just liked everything about her. Her angel-like smile, of course, but also her bearing, refusing to wear the uniform mask expected of her at places like brand events. I liked her confidence, fearlessly putting her hand on my waist to pose for a photo, even though I was surrounded by controversy. But still, she was someone with a pure soul, who had no choice but to wear the mask of ‘Sulli.’ Just like everyone lives with a burdensome name, so did Sulli. On one hand, she lived a grand life, with a bravery that no one can rival.

At times, I deceived her. I was one of the masses that had hidden behind her. Being one of the masses was easier. Toeing the line of the boundaries that she crossed with ease, I left her alone at the edge of the cliff.

I imagined, misunderstood, and judged that existence at will. Even as I was doubting myself, I was underhanded.

There’s no reason for her to be treated as a patient, or to be pushed as a hero. Not the pronoun ‘she,’ nor the name ‘Sulli’ is all of her.

Jin Ri. And her self beyond that name. A human who resisted with her whole body, with her life, for freedom. And Jin Ri’s truth, her heart, which goes beyond what I know by 300 million fold.

Is it true? I haven’t seen a body, just a couple of articles, and I’m writing this on my own. Through the screen, through the screen.

October 14, 2019

After spending some time among others who gathered to remember Sulli, I’m on my way home. As I was inwardly cursing the adults that I will hate forever, that they are cowards, I asked them, and others who have the power to change the world. To not fall prey to skepticism, to not give up on the world. And we joined hands, so we could think together about how we can get past the sadness of today.

The sun will rise again, and we will have to jump back into the mundanity of life. But how can yesterday and tomorrow be the same. If something that existed is gone, it’s possible that something new will appear. The world has to change. It will change.

I would feel sorry if the people I loved were concerned, so I couldn’t send this to them, and instead I’m showing this, which I had kept to myself, to you. Don’t fight. Don’t place blame. I’m extending my hand and asking you, let’s use the truth that Sulli showed us together. This isn’t doubt. It’s not hate, nor resentment. It has to be love. It must be done with love. It’s what we all feel, isn’t it?

October 16, 2019

I’m earnestly asking you.

No one is wrong, no one is mistaken. We are all in the present, which we can only have if do our best. Please don’t place blame, don’t regret, just reflect. And then extend your hand, open your heart, comfort each other, and do this together.

For Sulli, who we’ll never see again, let’s not let her name go in vain.

I love you.

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설리가 죽었다. 그녀의 본명은 ‘진리’, 최진리다. 나는 그녀와 업무상 몇 번 마주한 경험이 있고 그녀를 진리 대신 설리라고 부르던 딱딱한 연예계 동료 중 하나였다. ⠀ 그녀는 아이콘이었다. 어떤 이들은 그녀를 깎아내리고 못마땅해했지만 나는 그녀를 영웅으로 여겼다. 개인의 자유, 표현의 자유를 과감하게 표출하는 신, 신, 신세대의 아이콘. 퀴퀴한 골동품 냄새가 나는 지난날의 윤리강령을 신나게 걷어차는 승리의 게이머. 오지랖과 자기검열의 사이에서 방황하는 어린 양들을 구하러 온 천사. ⠀ 나는 그녀가 마냥 좋았다. 천사 같은 미소는 물론이고 브랜드 행사장 같은 자리에서도 판에 박힌 가면을 뒤집어쓰기를 거부하는 그녀의 태도. 논란 덩어리인 내 허리 위로 겁 없이 손을 올리며 포즈를 취하던 당당함이 좋았다. 그럼에도 그녀는 ‘설리’라는 작자 미상의 가면을 쓸 수밖에 없던 깨끗하고 맑은 영혼의 소유자였다. 모두가 버거운 이름을 가진 존재로 살아가는 것처럼 설리도 그렇게 살았다. 한편으로는 누구도 가지지 못한 용기를 꺼내며 위대한 삶을 살았다. 나는 때때로 그녀를 기만했다. 나는 그녀의 뒤에 숨은 대중이었다. 대중인 것이 편했다. 그녀가 넘나드는 어떤 경계 따위를 나 스스로도 줄타기하며 나는 그녀를 벼랑 끝에 혼자두었다. 그 존재를 내 멋대로 상상하고 오해하고 판단했다. 결사코 나 스스로 나를 의심하면서도 나는 그만큼 야비했다. 그녀는 환자 취급을 받아야 할 이유도, 영웅으로 등 떠밀려야 할 이유도 없다. 그녀라는 수식도, 설리라는 이름도 그의 전부가 아니다. 진리. 그리고 그 이름 너머의 존재. 자유를 향한 저항을 온몸으로, 자신의 인생으로 실천한 인간. 그리고 내가 아는 것보다 삼억배는 더 많을 진리의 진실. 그의 마음. 사실일까? 주검이 아닌 기사 몇개를 화면으로 보다가 나는 내멋대로. 내 멋대로 쓴다. 화면으로, 화면으로. ⠀ 2019년 10월 14일 ⠀ 설리를 기억하러, 진리를 상기하러 모인 사람들 속에 잠시 머물다 집으로 가는 길이다. 비겁한 사람들이라고 속으로 욕하며 못내 미워하던 어른들께, 세상을 바꿀 수 있는 힘들 가진 분들께 당부했다. 부디 회의에 빠지지 마시라고, 세상을 포기하지 마시라고. 지금의 슬픔을 우리가 어떻게 풀어내야 할지 함께 고민하자고 손을 잡았다. 조만간 또 해가 뜨겠지. 세속의 삶에 뛰어들어야겠지. 그러한들 무슨 수로 어제와 내일이 같을 수 있나. 존재하던 것이 사라진다면 없던 것이 나타날 수도 있는 것이 아닌가. 세상은 달라져야 한다. 달라질 것이다. ⠀ 사랑하는 사람들의 염려가 죄송스러워 보내지 못하고 몰래 간직한 글을 여러분께 전한다. 싸우지 마시라. 탓하지 마시라. 부디 설리가 전한 진리를 함께 쓰자고, 여러분께 손 내밀어 부탁한다. 의심이 아니다. 미움이 아니다. 혐오도, 원망도 아니다. 사랑이어야 한다. 사랑으로 해야 한다. 누구라도 가진 마음이 아닌가. ⠀ 2019년 10월 16일 ⠀ 당부합니다. 부탁드립니다. ⠀ 누구도 틀리지 않습니다, 누구도 잘못된 것이 아닙니다. 우리 모두 최선으로 가질 수밖에 없는 현재에 있습니다. 부디 탓하지 말고, 후회 말고, 반성합시다. 그리고 다시 손 내밀어 마음을 열고 서로 위로하고 함께합시다. ⠀ 이제 다시 볼 수 없는 설리를, 그 이름을 헛되이 하지 않았으면 좋겠습니다. ⠀ 사랑합니다.

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HA:TFELT (Yeeun) has posted on Instagram with a message that appears to be about Sulli’s passing.

She wrote, “I didn’t know that a short meeting could become so sad. I pray with all of my heart that you will not hurt anymore and you will be more free in that place. #rip.”

Updated October 15 KST:

Goo Hara said a farewell to Sulli via a live broadcast on Instagram on October 15.

During the short broadcast, Goo Hara said while in tears, “Sulli, I’m sorry that I can’t go because I’m in Japan. I’m so sorry that this is the only way for me to greet you. Go there and be well as you do what you really want to do. I’m going to do my best and try to live your share too, I’ll work hard. Everyone, I’m okay. Sulli and I were really close, we were like real sisters, and that’s why I wanted to speak to her like this so I turned on the live broadcast. I apologize. I’m sorry. Don’t worry, everyone. Sulli, goodbye.”

Updated October 15 KST:

More stars have posted in remembrance of Sulli.

DEAN, who previously released the single “dayfly” featuring Sulli, wrote on his Instagram Stories, “Your voice will raise a question that will weigh heavily upon many people for a long time. I sincerely thank you and am sorry. I will remember you.”

Nam Tae Hyun posted a photo of Sulli with the caption, “I will live with gratitude for your boldness and what you have achieved. I hope you will rest in peace.”

Girl’s Day’s Sojin uploaded an image of hands in a praying position.

Solbi wrote, “The memories of passing by you backstage when you were young and the sides of Sulli that I saw through broadcasts and media were so beautiful and confident. Many people loved those carefree sides of you. I will remember your flower-like beauty just as it was. I hope you can rest comfortably now…Rest in peace.” She added the hashtag, “I love you, Choi Jin Ri.”

Shinji posted, “Saying my farewell now as I was emotional the entire day yesterday…I sincerely hope you will be comfortable and happy in that place and that you will smile a lot with your beautiful and bright smile.”

Jang Ki Ha wrote, “I hope you will be at peace,” with the hashtag, “RIP.”

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부디 평안하길. #RIP

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NORAZO’s Jobin shared the following post:

I pray that you will not be cold on your way there.
The world loved you!
I hope you will momentarily forget the hearts that hurt you because they have a hard time expressing love and that you will rest in peace.
I felt great joy and pride just to be able to work in the same generation as you.
Later on, let’s all meet on the stage of heaven and sing songs of joy without sadness.
Thank you.

Sunmi uploaded an image of Sulli on her Instagram Stories with the text, “So beautiful.”

Jung Ryeo Won’s post features an image with the text, “You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough,” and her caption reads, “You are missed.”

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. you are missed.

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Son Tae Young wrote, “Because I understand completely, it is more unfortunate, sad, and painful. I will pray.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo posted, “Rest in peace.”

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삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

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Updated October 15 KST:

In response to the news of Sulli’s passing, Kang Ji Young posted on her Instagram, saying, “Everyone is going to remember your smile.”

Hong Suk Chun posted a photo he took with Sulli, saying, “To think this would be my last photo with you… I said we should stick through it together, but I’ve become a bad [friend] who let you go without even saying goodbye. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I hope you are no longer hurting in that place, and I hope you can spend your time doing whatever you want. I’ll remember the beautiful you exactly as you were. It’s a sad night.”

Sunday said on her Instagram, “I love you too, Jin Ri.. I couldn’t respond to you that day in Kondae because I was too embarrassed.. I’m sorry I never bought you mango bingsoo (shaved ice). I’m going to see you tomorrow. To everyone who hurt you. Life is a boomerang.”

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진리야 사랑해

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Updated October 15 KST:

Goo Hara has posted on Instagram to share photos with her close friend Sulli. She included an open-ended sentence in her caption that translates literally as, “In that world, as Jin Ri wants to do.” Jin Ri is Sulli’s given name (also spelled “Jilli”), and Goo Hara’s sentence could be interpreted as, “In that world, I hope Jin Ri does what she wants to do.”

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그 세상에서 진리가 하고 싶은 대로 ..

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Gyuri also posted on her Instagram following Sulli’s passing. She wrote, “A beautiful and cheerful person. It’s difficult to express how I’m feeling in words. I hope the world will become a bit more tolerant to everyone.”

U-KISS’s Jun wrote, “You went through so much… I hope you will not be concerned about anything there and I hope you will be really happy, noona. Rest in peace now.” “Noona” is a term used by men when addressing older sisters or female friends.

Original Article:

Celebrities and friends of Sulli have expressed their feelings of sorrow and shock over her sudden passing on October 14.

Amber thanked everyone for their thoughts and announced that she will be putting her upcoming activities on hold.

Ku Hye Sun shared a post on Instagram that reads, “Sleep well, baby Sulli. I love you.”

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Ahn Jae Hyun expressed his shock over the news as he wrote, “It can’t be, it can’t be, right.. right, it can’t be? ….. on the internet .. the articles are weird, right? This doesn’t feel real so it’s me that’s weird because I’m taking too much medicine now, right .. I’m the one that’s weird, right ……..”

Former AOA member Mina shared a photo with Sulli and wrote, “Jin Ri, don’t be sick, don’t suffer, let’s be happy.”

Former Miss A member Jia wrote on Instagram, “oh no……………why” as the caption to a black post.

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oh no……………왜

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DinDin wrote, “I will pray that you can always be happy in that place. I am so heartbroken. Rest in peace.”

BTOB’s Peniel wrote on Twitter, “Praying for Sulli, her family, friends, fans, and loved ones. Rest In Peace.”

Lee Sang Min wrote, “I hoped that it wasn’t true… that it was a false report… May she rest in peace. I hope you are always happy in that place…”

Park Jimin wrote, “One of the bravest and brightest. Rest In Peace.” 

Former PRISTIN member Kyla said, “My deepest condolences go out to Sulli’s family. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration. My heart is broken hearing this news…” She went to encourage everyone to be kind to one another.

U-KISS’s Soohyun tweeted to say, “May she rest in peace.”

Kevin Woo shared his condolences for Sulli’s family and loved ones, and wrote “Rest In Peace” in English and Korean.

If you would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help and reach out. Click here for a list of international hotlines that you can call, and if you can’t find your country listed, please call your local emergency number.

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