ATEEZ Talks About Their Close Friends Including Members Of TXT, Stray Kids, And X1

On October 15, ATEEZ made a guest appearance on “Idol Radio” with AOA’s Jimin and Chanmi as the special DJs.

During the show, the members took time to introduce the songs on their recent album “TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action.” While talking about their B-side track “Thank U,” the ATEEZ members were asked to share short messages for their friends who come to mind.

San began by saying wittily, “Mingi is not here today, so Hyunkyu, who is the friend Mingi likes the most, I miss you!” Hongjoong then drew laughter as he said, “Park Seonghwa of the group ATEEZ that is actively promoting these days, let’s work hard, Seonghwa! Hwaiting!”

Seonghwa continued, “I have a friend around my age who is in the military, and he always watches videos of me on music shows.” He then mentioned his name, saying, “Park Jin Young, I love you!”

Yunho revealed, “Three of my friends all went to the military because they all enlisted together,” and added, “I love you!” after calling out their names.

“My friends are all going to the military next year, also,” Yeosang shared. He gave them a shoutout and said, “I miss you!”

Wooyoung said, “Besides our members, my closest friends are TXT’s Yeonjun and Stray Kids’ Changbin. Yeonjun and Changbin, I miss you!”

To conclude, Jongho answered, “There is a hyung (older friend) who I have been together with through hard times since we were young. I think I am where I am today because of him. X1’s Kim Woo Seok, I miss you!”

ATEEZ is currently promoting their newest title track “WONDERLAND.” Check out the music video here!

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