CSJH The Grace’s Dana Bids Farewell To Sulli With Touching Message

CSJH The Grace’s Dana has posted on Instagram to express her feelings of sorrow over her company junior Sulli’s sudden passing on October 14.

On October 17, she shared the following post:

I’m sure in the future, there will be times when I get emotional and times when I’ll be able to laugh, eat, and sleep as if nothing had happened, but I hope you’ll be able to just laugh and be happy now.

I didn’t think I’d ever be ready to let you go, but after sharing stories about you with other people who’ve been left behind, I was consoled and slowly prepared to let you go without even realizing it. So I sent you off today.

I don’t resent you, and I don’t hate you either. It’s just that my heart hurts because I’m so sorry, and it’s such a shame. But I’ll take care of this, so you don’t have to feel sorry or worry about it, baby.

In the meantime, some people say, “Will it be Dana next?” but I’ll live proudly and join you way, way later. Then I’ll try that soju you always wanted.

I’ll be returning to my daily life now. It might be because you’ve already gotten used to that place [heaven], but you haven’t appeared in my dreams for the first time, and I haven’t cried either.

I love you.

Goodbye, my pretty dongsaeng [younger sister].

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• 또 시간이 지나면 울컥해올 때가 있을 거고 아무 일 없었던 듯 웃고 먹고 자고 지내기도 하겠지만 이제 너만은 웃기만 좋기만 했으면 좋겠다 영영 준비가 되지 않을 줄 알았는데 남아있는 사람들끼리 같은 마음으로 네 얘길 나누다보니 나도 모르게 위로도 받고 널 보낼 준비가 차근차근 쌓여서 오늘 널 보냈어 언닌 널 원망하지도 밉다고 생각하지도 않아 다만 미안하고 아깝고 불쌍해서 마음이 아플 뿐이야 그렇지만 이건 언니가 감당할 테니까 내 새끼 넌 아무것도 미안해하지 말고 걱정도 하지마 그 와중에 다음은 다나인가? 라고 망언을 하는 사람도 있는데 언닌 보란듯이 잘 살다가 나중에 나중에 네 곁으로 갈게 그 때 네가 그렇게 원하던 소주 언니가 마셔본다 언니는 이제 일상으로 돌아갈거야 벌써 그 곳에 적응했는지 네가 처음으로 꿈에 나오지도 않았고 언니도 울지 않았어 사랑한다 안녕 예쁜 내 동생

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Dana debuted in 2001 as a solo artist of SM Entertainment and joined CSJH The Grace in 2005.

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