Update: GOT7 Reveals Online Cover + Monograph Teaser For

Updated November 4 KST: 

GOT7 has shared more teasers for their upcoming album “Call My Name!”

Updated November 3 KST:

GOT7 has revealed a sneak peek of all the songs on their upcoming mini album “Call My Name,” as well as four new lyric teasers for their title track “You Calling My Name”!

Check them all out below:

“After meeting you,
I, who was nervous,
dream of completion
As if I found a puzzle
It has to be you”

“Call out my name
Call my name
Call out my name”

“My fatal mistake
Me without you is fake
A sky with no light, black”

“The last piece of the puzzle is you
Complete me
You are my everything”

Updated November 2 KST:

GOT7 released four lyric teasers for their return with “Call My Name”!

“The light of that day when my heart fluttered
and the promise of forever
are still in me.” 

“The voice that comes in through my ears
And the one that makes my breathe
It’s all you”

“The same dream
The same memories
Our habits that became the same
All the meaning is you”

“After you disappeared
My reason disappears too
I didn’t realize it then.”

Updated November 1 KST:

GOT7 shared the second MV teaser for “You Calling My Name”!

Updated October 31 KST:

GOT7 released their MV teaser for “You Calling My Name”!

Updated October 30 KST:

GOT7 shared their track list for “Call My Name”!

The title track “You Calling My Name” includes lyrics by Park Jin Young as well as Jaebum.

Jaebum co-composed and wrote lyrics for “Pray” and “Thursday,” while Jinyoung wrote lyrics for “Runaway” and Yugyeom took part in lyrics writing for “Crash & Burn.”

Updated October 29 KST: 

GOT7 has dropped gorgeous individual teasers for Youngjae, BamBam, and Mark!

Updated October 28 KST: 

GOT7 has dropped some beautiful individual teaser photos for JB, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, and Jackson!

Updated October 27 KST:

GOT7 has unveiled more teasers for their upcoming comeback with “Call My Name”!

Updated October 26 KST:

GOT7 revealed two new teaser photos for “Call My Name”!

Updated October 25 KST:

GOT7 shared new teaser photos for their return with “Call My Name”!

Updated October 24 KST:

GOT7 has revealed more details for their upcoming comeback!

It was announced through a press release that the group’s upcoming album is titled “Call My Name,” and the title track is “You Calling My Name.”

Stay tuned for the next teaser!

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Updated October 24 KST:

GOT7’s Mark stars in a prologue film for the group’s comeback!

The film includes the reveal of the text “Call My Name” and “You Calling My Name.”

Updated October 23 KST:

GOT7 has released new prologue films for Youngjae and BamBam!

Updated October 22 KST:

GOT7’s new prologue films are here, starring Jackson and Jinyoung!

Updated October 21 KST:

GOT7 has unveiled two new prologue films starring Yugyeom and JB for their upcoming comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated October 18 KST:

The physical album preview has been released for GOT7’s upcoming comeback!

Check it out below:

Original Article:

On October 18 at midnight KST, GOT7 dropped some teaser images of their upcoming album!

JYP Entertainment had previously confirmed that the group was working on a comeback. According to these new teasers, GOT7 will be officially making their comeback on November 4 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the album images below!

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