“Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” Heats Up As The Romance Between Leads Deepens

Love is in the air for JTBC’s “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”!

The fusion historical drama tells the story of a famous matchmaking agency in the Joseon dynasty who is asked by King Lee Soo (Seo Ji Hoon) to transform his first love Gae Ddong (Gong Seung Yeon), a lowly peasant, into a noblewoman.

In the love triangle between Ma Hoon (Kim Min Jae), Gae Ddong, and Lee Soo, Ma Hoon has accepted Lee Soo’s request to transform Gae Ddong into a queen although she is unaware of the plan. However, Ma Hoon’s decision wasn’t for Lee Soo’s sake but rather to protect Gae Ddong from Ma Bong Duk’s (Park Ho San) plan to kill the King’s lady. Already, Ma Hoon has developed feelings for Gae Ddong, but he’s only supposed to be the link that connects Gae Ddong to Lee Soo. Ma Hoon tried to hold back his feelings by saying it was an abuse of power to do more, but Gae Ddong is also developing an interest in Ma Hoon after feeling a tenderness from him she’s never experienced before.

On the seventh of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Gae Ddong could no longer hold back her feelings. She confessed, “Look at my heart that’s bursting with love.” She continued, “My heart isn’t wrong. I love you. I’ve come to love you, Matchmaker.” However, Ma Hoon is well aware that he must send Gae Ddong to Lee Soo in order to protect her. Furthermore, Lee Soo teared up after coincidentally witnessing Gae Ddong’s confession, making viewers curious to see how the love triangle will progress in the upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, Do Joon (Byun Woo Seok) and Kang Ji Hwa (Go Won Hee) have also started a difficult romance. As the two are in a time in which a woman’s life is dependent on a man, Kang Ji Hwa is unable to choose Do Joon. Since Do Joon’s mother ran away in order to escape his father, Do Joon has been unable to take exams or get married. Although the misunderstanding surrounding his mother has been resolved, this hasn’t made Do Joon’s situation any easier.

Do Joon also revealed information on the King to Kang Ji Hwa who wants to be a candidate to become the Queen. When she went to Ma Hoon in order to check the various possibilities given to her, Do Joon sweetly confessed, “Will you come to me?” However, Kang Ji Hwa coldly responded, “What can a man who lives in a gibang (the place where courtesans live) while selling mere pieces of information give me?” His heart moving before reason, Do Joon has already begun to develop feelings for Kang Ji Hwa.

“Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” airs every Monday at Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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