Watch: Lee Seung Gi And BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Show Off Pitching Skills With Help Of Baseball Star Park Chan Ho

The cast of “Master in the House” learned the tricks of the trade of baseball!

On the October 20 episode, baseball star Park Chan Ho appeared as the latest master.

The cast met Park Chan Ho who was helping out on his parents’ chestnut tree farm. After retiring from baseball, he has been working to promote Korean baseball as a member of its international baseball promotion committee in San Diego.

Park Chan Ho immediately surprised the cast with his long-winded way of speaking. When he caught onto the members’ reactions, he joked, “The most dangerous thing today will be your ears.”

They headed to a practice field to warm up and test each member’s control of the ball. Park Chan Ho asked Lee Seung Gi to throw the ball with a bigger swing and praised his strength.

Speaking proudly of his fellow cast member, Lee Sang Yoon said, “He’s good at all forms of exercise,” and other baseball players watching on the sidelines also praised Lee Seung Gi’s skills. Yang Se Hyung commented, “Look at you! You’re good at throwing,” and a baseball player likened Lee Seung Gi to a young genius.

In order to further examine the members’ skills, they placed an empty plastic water bottle as a target at the end of the field with a rough estimated distance of Yang Se Hyung’s height six times.

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae was up first, but he threw the ball too forcefully and completely missed the target. After adjusting his grip on the ball according to Park Chan Ho’s teachings, Yook Sungjae tried again and narrowly missed the bottle.

Lee Seung Gi went next and perfectly hit the water bottle on his first attempt. The cast rejoiced, and Yook Sungjae commented, “Seung Gi hyung is good at these kinds of things during crucial moments.”

Check out the cast’s pitching skills below:

Watch the full episode below!

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