TXT Enchants Fans With Magical “Run Away” MV: Here Are The Best Reaction Tweets

TXT has made their first ever return and fans took over Twitter’s worldwide trends to celebrate!

On October 21, TXT released their first full album “The Dream Chapter: Magic,” featuring the title track “Run Away.” TXT’s fans MOA have been sharing favorite moments from the MV, their thoughts about the album, and more on Twitter, leading to many worldwide trending topics! They include #RunAwayWithTXT at No. 1, #TXTMAGICTIME, and many more.

Fans are celebrating the group’s long-awaited return!

And MOA are loving how each of the members shines in the MV.

The song itself has also wowed fans.

And MOA can’t get enough of the choreography!

Fans have spotted possible references to other magical and fantasy stories.

While some moments have brought up the feels.

MOAs are definitely ready to run away with the members!

Overall, TXT’s comeback has been worth the wait!

What are your thoughts on “Run Away”?

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