NU’EST Talks About Making Musical And Visual Changes For Comeback

NU’EST is back with new music!

On October 21, the group held a press conference for their first comeback in six months at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace.

Introducing the group’s seventh mini album “The Table,” JR said, “There are many good tracks, so you’ll be able to experience healing while listening to them.”

Minhyun added, “It’s an album revolving around the topic of love, and we likened it to a table where people can sit and talk comfortably. A table gives off a comfortable, friendly feeling. I think this album is filled with songs you can comfortably listen to anywhere and anytime.”

Baekho, who was in charge of producing this album, explained, “I wanted to express the differences in people’s thoughts about one topic in various ways, so I chose love. It’s an album that I worked on comfortably despite it being a different style from our previous albums. It was awkward working and recording with the members at first, but we did many revised recordings for this album. That’s how much NU’EST feels attached to this album.”

“If I could express this album in one word, it’d be ‘switch,'” stated JR. “We turned on our own switch and expressed brightness.”

NU’EST spoke about some new things they tried for this album. Baekho revealed, “‘If We’ is a song that I worked on towards the end. While recording another track, I thought that it’d be nice if JR sang.”

Minhyun further explained, “The new tracks and the album have a certain style. But visually, we always wore suits or clothes that gave a calm feeling onstage during promotions and concerts. In the MV or album jacket, there are photos where we look casual as if it could be found somewhere in your surroundings. I think we changed that part. Visually, people who are seeing us for the first time can approach us comfortably.”

As for his goals for these promotions, JR stated, “I think it’d be good to have good results. I hope we get good results since we worked hard to create this album. I’m happy being with L.O.Λ.Es [NU’EST’s official fandom], but I think that that happiness would double if many people loved it.”

Check out the MV for NU’EST’s newest title track “LOVE ME” here!

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