Moon Geun Young Talks About Taking On A New Kind Of Character For 1st Drama In 4 Years

Moon Geun Young talked about what it’s like to return with her first drama in four years.

On October 21, the actress took part in a press conference for the new tvN drama “Catch the Ghost.” The drama shows the daily lives of police officers who work in the subway system, and it follows a team of officers who set out to catch a notorious serial killer known as “The Ghost.” Moon Geun Young plays a passionate rookie officer named Yoo Ryung in the series, and her character stops at nothing to catch criminals.

Moon Geun Young talked about making her return to the world of dramas after four years since her 2015 drama “The Village Achiara’s Secret.

She said, “I was very passionate and ambitious about acting, so I didn’t hesitate and had no fear when I chose to take on the role of a police officer, which is a new character for me. I regretted it while I was filming too and I thought, ‘Why was I so ambitious that I said I’d take on such a tough role?’ but I’m having fun doing it.”

“Since it’s my first time acting in a while there’s some difficult aspects,” she said. “However, those difficulties are what help me to get that feeling of ambition about acting out of my system. I felt some pressure because it was my first drama in four years. I’ve changed in terms of my acting, as well as inside.”

She went on to say, “I felt pressured and worried because this is an opportunity to show how I’ve changed, but I’m having fun filming because the people around me are helping me a lot and giving me confidence. We now just have about two days’ worth of filming left. I hope that a lot of people will enjoy watching it.”

Moon Geun Young was asked why she chose to star in “Catch the Ghost” out of many possible projects, and she shared that her reasoning for choosing a role is different every time. “I choose roles and projects that get me excited,” she said and explained that the script for “Catch the Ghost” was interesting because it made her feel a variety of different emotions. “I saw the character Yoo Ryung that lived inside of that and I thought, ‘I want to bring this person to life off the page.’ That’s why I chose it.”

“Catch the Ghost” made its premiere on October 21.

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