Watch: SF9’s Rowoon And Kim Hye Yoon’s Romantic Scenes Make Co-Star Lee Jae Wook Adorably Jealous Behind The Scenes Of “Extraordinary You”

Actor Lee Jae Wook couldn’t hide his jealousy behind the scenes of MBC’s “Extraordinary You”!

Based on a fantasy romance webtoon, “Extraordinary You” tells the story of a female high school student named Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim Hye Yoon), who comes to the shocking realization that she is actually a character in a manhwa (Korean comic). Eun Dan Oh then sets out on a quest to defy her predetermined fate in the manhwa by rewriting her own destiny.

In the drama, Lee Jae Wook plays Baek Kyung, Eun Dan Oh’s unrequited love for the past 10 years and the boy whom, according to the manhwa, she is destined to marry. However, after discovering her identity as a manhwa character, she ends up getting to know a nameless extra story from the story (played by SF9’s Rowoon), and the three characters wind up entangled in a tense love triangle.

In a newly released behind-the-scenes video, Lee Jae Wook gets adorably worked up over the fact that Rowoon’s character Haru seems to have all the romantic scenes with Eun Dan Oh, unlike his own frosty, aloof character Baek Kyung.

“I always film the hard scenes,” he protests, “but Haru and Dan Oh’s [scenes together] are very sweet.” Gesturing to his co-stars, who are in the midst of filming a romantic moment, he says, “Take a look.”

Seeing Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon laugh together, he adds jealously, “Look, they’re laughing. They’re laughing now.” Rowoon goes on to tease him by joking, “You can watch us from behind like this,” and Lee Jae Wook playfully responds by asking, “Should I just go outside and leave?” He later continues his lament by telling the camera, “My heart hurts a lot.”

Then, while the three actors are posing for photos together, the photographer instructs Kim Hye Yoon to look only at Rowoon, and Lee Jae Wook is unable to hide a bitter laugh.

Later on in the clip, Kim Hye Yoon is asked to choose which character she prefers between Haru and Baek Kyung right in front of Lee Jae Wook. After a moment of thought, the actress declares, “Baek Kyung has too much anger, so he’s scary. But Haru doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t respond.”

Before she can finish, Lee Jae Wook interjects competitively, “Honestly, though, I’m better than Haru. I’m more fun than Haru, and I’m a lot better.”

Kim Hye Yoon playfully shuts him down by deciding, “I’m not crazy about either of them. There’s no man [here] for me.”

However, at the very end of the video, Kim Hye Yoon makes Lee Jae Wook smile by confessing, “There’s always something about the second male lead that draws you in… when I saw the script, I also thought, ‘Wow, Baek Kyung’s character is so appealing.'”

Check out the full behind-the-scenes clip below!

“Extraordinary You” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:55 p.m. KST. Catch up on the latest episode of the drama with English subtitles here:

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