Watch: AB6IX Scores 4th Win For “Blind For Love” On “The Show”; Performances By ATEEZ, N.Flying, And More

AB6IX has taken another trophy with “Blind for Love”!

On the October 22 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” the nominees for first place were AB6IX’s “Blind for Love,” ATEEZ’s “WONDERLAND,” and N.Flying’s “GOOD BAM.” AB6IX took the win with a total score of 8,560 to N.Flying’s 5,340 and ATEEZ’s 5,061.

Check out AB6IX’s performance and win below!

Performers on this week’s episode also included 1THE9, AIVAN, ATEEZ, B.A.P’s Daehyun, High Soul, Lovelyz’s Kei, KIMOXAVI, Ladies’ Code, Like a Movie, N.Flying, ONEUS, ONF, PurpleBeck, VAV, and B.A.P’s Youngjae.

Watch their performances below!

Like a Movie – “I Want You”

High Soul – “To the Moon”

PurpleBeck – “Dream Line”

AIVAN – “Knotted Wings”

1THE9 – “Blah”

KIMOXAVI – “Purple Road”


VAV – “Poison”

VAV – “119”

Ladies’ Code – “Set Me Free”


ONF – “Why”

N.Flying – “GOOD BAM”

Kei – “I Go”

Daehyun – “Aight”

Youngjae – “Forever Love”

Congratulations to AB6IX!

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