Watch: Baek Jin And Yuri From “Produce X 101” Debut As JxR With “Element” MV

Updated December 5 KST:

JxR has made their debut with “Element”!

JxR is a project group consisting of members Baek Jin and Yuri from “Produce X 101.”

Their debut track “Element” is a future pop track with an emphasis on synth sounds. It was composed by T.A Shark, Drew Ryan Scott, and A Wright, while the lyrics were written by Baek Jin and Yuri.

Check out the music video below!

Original Article:

Baek Jin and Yuri of “Produce X 101” are teaming up to debut as a project group!

The duo will be debuting as JxR, with their name formed by the J from Baek Jin and R from Yuri. The name is said as J X R, with the X pronounced.

Baek Jin is under Vine Entertainment and is known for his talents as a b-boy, while Yuri is a model housed under ESteem Entertainment who is also skilled in rapping.

A source said, “We saw Baek Jin and Yuri’s chemistry through ‘Produce X 101,’ and both of their agencies accepted their desire to make music together, so the project group came to be. There’s a lot of excitement about what kind of synergy Baek Jin and Yuri will show, and we ask you to support them a lot.”

JxR is planning to communicate with fans in many different ways as they make their debut. The duo will release a single in early December through ESVine Entertainment, which was created as a collaboration between ESteem and Vine.

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