Starship Entertainment Issues Apology After Comments Made At MONSTA X Fan Sign Event Garner Attention

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Wonho and Minhyuk also posted personal apologies about the issue on MONSTA X’s official fan café.

Wonho wrote:

Hello, this is MONSTA X’s Wonho. I would like to sincerely apologize to the fans and everyone who may have been hurt during my thoughtless comments at the March fan sign event.

I did not think about whether what I said could do harm to the Me Too movement and cause even more suffering to the victims and I disappointed and hurt many people due to my careless words and actions. When I think about it now, I don’t know how I could have said something so ignorant. I am deeply reflecting on this.

It hurts to think that I could have disappointed my fans, who have always been my source of strength, with my behavior. Through this incident, I realized that I could cause harm to many people due to careless actions or words.

I will look back and reflect upon the past and will be careful with my words and actions in the future. I will learn more about the areas in which I am lacking, correct my values, and show a more mature side of myself. I will become a hardworking Wonho. Once again, I’m sincerely sorry.

Minhyuk wrote:

Hello, this is MONSTA X’s Minhyuk. I would like to apologize to the fans and everyone who was hurt by my careless thoughts and actions. Through this incident, I learned that I could cause harm and discomfort to others through my careless comments and behavior, and have reflected on my past actions. I should have been careful in all my words and behavior, but there were many times when I did not think deeply before acting.

This is late but I am sincerely sorry about my mistake and will do my best not to repeat these mistakes in future. I am sorry for disappointing the fans. In future, I will think and work hard to become a more mature Minhyuk. Once again, I am sorry for causing concern. I’m sorry.

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On October 26, Starship Entertainment posted an apology to MONSTA X’s official fan café.

The apology was issued after a video of MONSTA X’s fan sign event began garnering attention online. In the video, Minhyuk and Wonho have an interaction in which Minhyuk pretends to interview Wonho’s chest with a microphone. In response, Wonho raises his hand, says the words “me too” in English, and laughs. The fan sign event took place earlier this year on March 9.

This has been interpreted as making fun of the Me Too movement, an online movement that aims to bring attention to the issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment through the sharing of stories by survivors.

The following is Starship Entertainment’s statement:

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. While there were absolutely no negative intentions at MONSTA X’s fan sign event earlier this year, nor during the promotions at the time, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone and all the fans who felt uncomfortable at the behavior and comments that left a lot of room for misunderstanding.

Starship and the MONSTA X members have recognized the issues that were brought up to us since then and we have continuously discussed the matter together.

Through this incident, we are all deeply reflecting on the careless words and actions of the past and would like to once again apologize to everyone and the fans who were hurt.

In future, Starship and MONSTA X will work harder to listen to suggestions made by fans and society and overcome the areas in which we are lacking. Thank you.

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