Park Si Eun And Jin Tae Hyun Share Heartwarming Story Of Adopting College-Aged Daughter

Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun have shared the adoption story of their daughter.

On October 28, Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun both took to their personal Instagram accounts to share the story of the adoption that they wrote together, as well as a photo with their daughter Se Yeon. Their post reads as follows:

In August 2015, we got married and went on our honeymoon to Jeju Island. While we were there, we visited the Jeju Angels’ Home Orphanage and met our Se Yeon for the first time. We still remember how she was giving out abalone to the younger kids with runny noses as they stood in line. Since meeting her when she was in high school, we have been watching over her as an aunt and uncle.

Of our nieces and nephews, she was the first one we invited to our home. We spent time with her during school vacations in Jeju. When she was applying for colleges, we went to all the exams with her and when she was accepted to a college and came to Seoul, she stayed at our home and we were with her the whole time. We’d already become a family.

There are so many things she has to do on her own before she starts her own family, go to college, graduate, get a job, meet someone she loves, and get married.

Therefore, we’ve decided to stop being Se Yeon’s aunt and uncle and become her real mom and dad.

Children and teens need parents, but our Se Yeon has unfortunately lived without parents though she had the amazing orphanage workers. We want to be her mom and dad and be with her as she navigates her twenties. Because everyone needs a family, from their teens, to their twenties, thirties, and till they die. Adoption is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and as God has taught us that we must help those in need, this was not a difficult decision.

Though there will be realistic issues in the future, family is about experiencing all of those things together, so even if there are difficulties, we will be with her. Most of all, as we love each other, we have nothing to fear and nothing that will be too difficult for us. Please continue to send us your support. We still want to give birth to a baby who looks just like their mom, and invite more kids to join our family.

We spoke with Se Yeon and thought about it for a long time before deciding to share that we’re now a family, and we are now sharing the news to acquaintances and our fans through social media.

Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun are now not only actors, but parents of our first daughter who is in college.

We’ll work hard to live a good life. Thank you.

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2015년 8월 저희 부부가 결혼하고 신혼여행으로 찾아간 제주도 천사의집 보육원에서 처음 만난 아이 우리세연이~ 아직도 기억나는건 줄을 길게 늘어선 코흘리는 막내들에게 전복을 숟가락으로 파주던 모습 고등학교때 처음만나 지금까지 함께 이모 삼촌으로 지내왔습니다 조카들중에 처음 저희집에 초대된 조카아이였고 방학때마다 제주도에서 함께 시간을 보냈고 대학 입시때도 함께 학교 시험을 보러 다녔고 대학에 합격해 서울에 올라와서도 늘 함께 했으며 저희집에서 같이 지내기도 했습니다 그렇게 지금까지 우린 이미 가족이었습니다 이제 저희 조카는 편입도 해야하고 졸업하고 취직도 해야하고 사랑하는 사람만나 결혼도 해야하는데 가정을 꾸리기 전까지 앞으로 혼자서 해야할 일들이 너무 많습니다 그리하여 저희 부부는 이제 세연이에게 이모 삼촌을 멈추고 진짜 엄마 아빠가 되어주기로 했습니다 유아때도 10대때도 부모가 필요하지만 우리 세연이에게는 안타깝게도 훌륭한 보육원 선생님들말고는 부모와 함께 살아봤던 시간이 없습니다 이제 20대부터는 함께 걸어갈 엄마 아빠가 되어주려고 합니다 가족은 10대 20대 30대 죽을때까지 필요한 그런 존재니까요 ^^ 입양은 오래전부터 우리 부부가 노력하고 생각해왔던 것이고 소외된 이웃을 도와야한다고 저희가 믿는 하나님에게 배워왔던거라 어려운 일이 아니었습니다 앞으로 현실적인 문제들이 있겠지만 그마저 다 함께 경험하는것이 가족이니 어려움이 있어도 함께 하기로 했습니다 무엇보다 저희 부부가 서로 사랑하니 두려움도 어려움도 없습니다 앞으로 저희 많이 응원해 주세요 와이프 닮은 아가도 낳아야하고 또 다른 아이들도 함께 가족이 되어가야 하니까요 세연이와 오랜 고민끝에 우리가 가족됨을 먼저 알리기로 결정하여 지인및 팬분들에게 이렇게 sns로 먼저 알리게 되었습니다 박시은 진태현 부부는 이제 대한민국 배우이자 대학생 첫째딸이 있는 대한민국 부모입니다 열심히 살게요 감사합니다?‍♀️?‍♂️ #입양 #가족 #엄마 #아빠 #딸 #진짜가족??

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