Kim Young Dae On Resembling Kang Dong Won, Acting Cheesy Scenes In

During a recent interview, Kim Young Dae shared his thoughts on MBC’s “Extraordinary You,” his resemblance to Kang Dong Won, his goals for the future, and more.

In “Extraordinary You,” Kim Young Dae plays Oh Nam Joo, a typical bad boy who has everything. He is wealthy, handsome, and popular among girls, but he only has his eyes set on Yeo Joo Da (played by APRIL’s Naeun).

Kim Young Dae shared, “After I read the script for ‘Extraordinary You,’ I looked up the original webtoon. It was the epitome of romance comics, and I had fun while reading it.” He continued, “In the introduction, Oh Nam Joo is described as Kim Tan of ‘The Heirs‘ and Goo Jun Pyo of ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ I took those dramas as reference, but I didn’t try to mimic them. They are based on real life, but this drama is based on a comic. I approached the character while considering cheesy sides that are typical of a main character from a romance comic.”

Kim Young Dae also explained that his actual personality is the opposite of Oh Nam Joo’s.

The actor shared, “I’m not a tsundere. I like to be friendly to girls I like, just like Lee Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo) is in the drama. I do have a silly side like Oh Nam Joo, but except for that, we are complete opposites. I’m usually very quiet and similar to Lee Do Hwa when I’m with close friends.”

Regarding his method to approaching cheesy scenes, Kim Young Dae commented, “It’s very hard. I don’t talk like that nor say things like that in real life. I doubt there is someone who actually talks like that. I thought a lot about how I need to deliver these lines considering the flow of the comic. I had to understand why I would say these things first. I thought about how On Nam Joo spent his childhood. I approached those scenes by thinking that because Nam Joo has never liked a girl before, he must be awkward with [expressing his emotions].”

Kim Young Dae also shared his thoughts on his resemblance to Kang Dong Won. The actor stated, “I’ve heard that before, but I don’t think we look alike. I like and admire Kang Dong Won very much, but I don’t think I look like him.”

He stated, “I’m being careful. I think I have my own charming points. I want to act for a long time, so instead of being someone’s 2.0, I’m trying to be Kim Young Dae who has his own colors. I’m constantly trying to find my unique side.”

Kim Young Dae concluded the interview by sharing his hopes for the future. The actor said, “I’ve only taken on roles that are visually similar to each other so far. I want to improve my acting to take on roles with different occupations. I want to build a wider spectrum, and ‘Extraordinary You’ was a good experience for me. I want to become an actor who is consistent and has high self-esteem.”

Check out Kim Young Dae in the latest episode of “Extraordinary You” below:

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