Honey Lee Denies False Rumors About Her Relationship With Yoon Kye Sang Again + Talks About Writing On Social Media As A Celebrity

Honey Lee recently talked about the false rumors surrounding her relationship with Yoon Kye Sang.

On October 31, Honey Lee sat down for an interview to talk about her upcoming film “Black Money” and her personal life. She stated, “I’m happily dating Yoon Kye Sang. I was really surprised to find out about the break up rumors on social media as well.”

Previously, many netizens began speculating that Honey Lee had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang after the actress shared a nostalgic Instagram post about her dog. Her agency later clarified, “Because of Honey Lee’s Instagram post from September 10, some people are saying that she broke up with Yoon Kye Sang, but that is just a misunderstanding.”

Honey Lee continued to explain, “My dog used to have dark fur when it was a puppy, but as it grew the fur suddenly turned white. Because I love my dog like it’s my baby, I thought, ‘I guess those days will never return.’ Even I looked so young with my small puppy.” She laughed as she explained, “Because of those feelings, I just freely wrote that post on social media, but I didn’t realize I’d worry so many people.”

She continued, “I think about how much I should share on social media. Regardless of my intentions, I’m a public figure, and I should be held accountable, so should I hold back? In fact, I examine these things a lot. I did think it was strange, so I thought, ‘Why did this happen?’ but I realized I should be more careful.”

On the rigorous standards applied to celebrities, including problems involving their private spaces and social media accounts, Honey Lee said, “I think that’s more the way society looks at me than what I think. To be honest, I don’t want to be a public figure. I’m a person who wants to live freely. I’m sure all the actors are like that. They’re all emotional, and they’re lacking in some parts. I think that’s why the public feels attracted to them. A public figure should be like a saint. It can’t be helped. I think there are things we’re responsible for. But as an actor, I wish there were still parts like Peter Pan. Is there anything charming about a person who’s too saintly creating art? Where’s the charm after everything has been cut and worn out? I think about these kinds of things.”

Directed by Jung Ji Young of the 2013 film “Project Cheonan Ship” and the 2017 film “Dancing With Jikji,” “Black Money” is a crime film that tells the story of prosecutors who face the true nature of a financial scandal while investigating a case.

The film hits Korean theaters on November 13.

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