Your First K-Pop Concert: 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

Going to a K-pop concert is a true dream come true for many of us, and one can never prepare themselves enough before the big day comes! International fans often have to wait years before the opportunity to see their favorite idols comes, but once you get the chance to see your ultimate K-pop band live, the panic suddenly kicks in: What should you do before the concert? How do you prepare for a K-pop show? How are you going to be alive after two hours of intense fangirling/fanboying?

If you have never been to a K-pop concert before, you are at the right place! Here are some tips and things to do before attending your first show and screaming your lungs out:

Prepare yourself for the ticketing

Ticketing might be one of the hardest missions if you are planning to go to a K-pop show, especially if you are desperate to get those VIP tickets (don’t look at the price tag, you deserve it baby!). After the announcement of the tour, management is often quick to announce the ticketing as well, so it’s time to get your savings in action. Always read through all of the information carefully. Check if they accept your card, pre-register on the ticketing site if you can, and don’t forget about the additional fees! It’s worth it to check whether your card has a daily limit, and if you’re buying tickets for a concert in a different country (it is quite common for Europeans, let’s be real), always check whether the site has an English version or not.


Once the day of the ticketing comes, the only advice one can give is to be as fast as you can. Sometimes tickets sell out incredibly fast, so you have to know exactly what you want and go for it!

Organize how your day is going to look

Not everyone is lucky enough to go to their first K-pop show in the city they live in, so your concert experience might include traveling and accommodations as well. Always check your options in advance and try to choose wisely, so you won’t miss your concert or be stressed out the whole day. Delays might come, and you can never be careful enough if it’s about seeing your faves live! Look at the public transport to the venue as well, and always check how you are going to get home once the gig ends.

Learn your fanchants

How do you know you are at a K-pop concert? The whole crowd is screaming the fanchants you’ve only ever heard on broadcasts and concert DVDs. It’s a magical feeling, and if you want to be a part of it, it’s worth spending some time learning the names of the members and where you have to chant during the songs. Social media can be of great help, as many fans create cute videos and lyric sheets with the fanchants!

Save your money for merch

Yes, you’ve already spent a fortune on this concert, but once you see how the tour shirts look on your idols or think about how that tote bag would fit all your outfits, you won’t be able to help wishing you could buy half the merch stand! Choose what you want to buy the most in advance, but always prepare a plan B as well. Some of the stuff might sell out pretty fast, and to save you from the utter heartbreak, you can always pick something else to buy. Getting in line for merch might take up a long time, so if you really-really want something, it’s worth getting there in time.


Know your venue

Every concert venue has a different policy, so check beforehand what you can take inside and where you should go on the day of the gig. Venues and concert management often share a map of the concert hall and information about bag policy and security. Make sure you always keep up with these notifications! If something is not clear, make sure you ask others or the staff about it.

Many fans also create DIY banners for the concert. If you are planning to go with one, check out what size you can take in.

Look out for fan projects

One of the best parts of K-pop shows is the amazing projects fans and fandoms plan for the idols and concertgoers! You can find information about the official projects on social media, where organizers often let you vote for the best banner ideas. But this is not the only project you can take part in! Sometimes you can order bracelets remembering the tour or pins and slogans of the same kind. It’s also worth looking out for fan artists at the venue, as you can get photo cards and drawings of your idols! It’s all about sharing your love for your faves with other fans, and it’s simply beautiful.


Self care is important

No matter how much you want to be the first in line and plan on going out to the venue early in the morning, take care of yourself during the day! Go to bed early the day before, bring enough water with you, and hydrate yourself so that you won’t faint during the show, and also eat healthy meals during the day! We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s really important that you take care of your health even though it might not be the first thing on your priority list for that day. But your idols would advise you to do the same, so listen to their words!

Prepare yourself for standing in line

If you got seated tickets, you can skip this part (unless you are determined to wake up early and snatch the best items at the merch booth), but if you bought yourself standing tickets, you have to be prepared for the lines waiting for you! We all know that standing in the first row would be a dream come true (we all need our y/n moments, okay?), but please know your limits when you plan your day! Standing and sitting in line for hours is exhausting as hell (especially if the weather is cold and you are stuck outside the venue), so don’t risk your health for a better view. If you are willing to stand in line the whole day, choose comfortable shoes, dress warmly, and bring enough water and food with you!

Be open for new friendships

A concert is real heaven for every fan! You are surrounded by thousands of people who share your love and obsession for your idols, and it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with them. While standing in line or sitting in your seat, or just going to the restroom, always be open and join conversations about your favorites. If you see a bomb outfit or a funny banner, don’t save the compliments for yourself! Smile and laugh with others and don’t forget to exchange social media usernames at the end of the day!

Enjoy the night

Lastly, but most importantly: Enjoy the concert! Focus on the stage, try to get lost in the music and choreography. Sing and dance as much as you want, use your lightstick (but be careful of hitting people around you!), and scream those fan chants! It was your dream, so make it as memorable as possible!


P.S. If you are going to take some photos for memories, always make sure that your phone has enough storage space!

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