Watch: AOA's Jimin Explains Her Tattoos, Shares Thoughts On

In a recent video released by fashion magazine Allure Korea, AOA’s Jimin answered questions from her fans.

When asked if she always dreamed of becoming a singer, Jimin answered, “My dream has always been to become a singer. However, I didn’t know I was going to become a rapper. I wanted to specifically become a rock star.” She continued, “My current dream is to live in nature. I want to live in a thatched cottage while farming, cultivating corn, and eating organic food.”

The rapper also shared the best compliments she received while promoting with AOA. Jimin stated, “I like it when people say that we cherish and depend on each other. Recently, many comments address how we give out vibes that can only be achieved because we are experienced. These compliments make me feel as if everything we’ve done actually counts for something.”

Jimin also took time to explain some of her tattoos. She said, “I honestly don’t even count them anymore. I don’t know how many I have. I think I have as many as my age.” After explaining her recent tattoos and other small ones, Jimin stated that a tattoo of a bunny on her left arm is the most meaningful to her. She explained, “It is a tattoo of a doll that I used to carry with me everywhere when I was young. I’m holding it in every photo from my childhood.” She continued, “To be honest, the tattoos don’t have special meanings. I just tattooed the things I like. Another secret is that I tend to get tattoos only on one side of myself.” Jimin concluded, “I keep thinking to myself that I should stop [getting tattoos], but I think I will probably get another one in the future.”

Jimin also shared a few words regarding AOA’s appearance on Mnet’s “Queendom.” She said, “I’m so thankful that many people showed much love for AOA through ‘Queendom.’ I am also thankful that the program gave us the motivation to work even harder in the future.”

Check out the full video below!

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