4 Things We Loved & 2 Things We Hated About The Premiere Of “VIP

Everyone has a secret. In just the first two episodes of SBS’s new drama “VIP,” we learn that Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) is hiding something from his hardworking wife and co-worker Na Jung Sun (Jang Nara), and no one is who they seem to be. We can’t help but root for Jung Sun as she discovers his infidelity. Here are four things we loved and two things we hated about the premiere of “VIP.”

Warning: minor spoilers below!

LOVED: The suspense

It’s only two episodes and yet, everything has already turned upside down, and we love it! Watching Jung Sun demand Sung Joon to pick up the phone in front of her made us tense too. The phone call to Manager Cha sent chills down our back: Jung Sun got Sung Joon exactly where she wanted him, and Sung Joon’s smooth lying shocked us because of how vulnerable Jung Sun was. He could’ve come clean at the moment, but he didn’t.

It’s hard to like these characters when they’re all hiding secrets from one another, but it’s insanely addicting to see how everyone is playing a game.

LOVED: Jung Sun struggling with balancing work and her mother-in-law

Nothing is more tiring than working a full-time job only to return home to cook a nice meal and then have to deal with a surprise visit from your mother-in-law. The meal is forgotten, turned cold thanks to a careless husband, and the mood ruined. However, the most difficult part of it all for Na Jung Sun is feeling lonely and unsupported by Sung Joon.

“VIP” shows how working women are expected to do a great job at work, take care of the home, and deal with in-laws, and most importantly, how unrealistic and mentally exhausting all of these societal expectations can be for women.

LOVED: How Jung Sun tracked down her husband

If you know your spouse is blatantly lying to you, would you follow them to see what they’re hiding from you? Or would you act like nothing is wrong? As fierce and smart Jung Sun was in tailing her husband in a taxi, we can’t help but pity her like the taxi driver did: “You’re probably better off not looking. Once you do, you won’t forget it.” Since we know Jung Sun is smart, sympathetic, level-headed, kind, and a cat-lover, it was even more heartbreaking to see her retreat into herself and get drunk from the stress.

LOVED: The nouveau rich lady

Yes, the VIP client is annoying and ridiculous in how she treats her shoppers and Jung Sun, but also refreshing. It sounds weird, but the nouveau rich lady is so relatable. She knows how judgmental people can be and does her best to blend in, so we completely relate to her pain and awkwardness. “I bought all the expensive goods, but I can’t get rid of my country bumpkin image. Is that something you’re just born with?” She’s so in-tune that it forces us to realize how fake and gilded everything can be in the world of “VIP.”

HATED: Sung Joon’s wooden character

Emotionally unavailable. Sung Joon obviously stopped talking to Jung Sun, but he was truly in love with her when he proposed in the forest. Did they fall into a routine and grow apart, or did something else happen?

Honestly, the first episode was hard to get through, but the second episode made up for everything. We get to see how Sung Joon reacts to another cheater, and that cowardly, guilty look on his face is everything. We love how every character in this drama evolves, especially Sung Joon, Jung Sun, and newbie On Yoo Ri (Pyo Ye Jin).

HATED: Jung Sun surrounded by frenemies

Is Jung Sun married to work? Perhaps the drama hasn’t revealed her best friends yet, but it would be nice to see Jung Sun receive advice and hugs from someone she can trust. As Jung Sun begins to doubt her coworkers, it’s easy to see how lonely and cold her coworkers are and isolating her fancy corporate job is. The paranoia is stifling.

Jung Sun and Sung Joon don’t have a happily-ever-after ending, but do we want them to?

If you haven’t already, catch the first episode of “VIP”:

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Who do you think Park Sung Joon is cheating with and do you think he is hiding another secret? Let us know in the comments below! 

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