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With only three episodes left until its end, SBS’s “Vagabond” is keeping its viewers at the edge of their seats by showcasing a thrilling story and action-packed scenes.

“Vagabond” tells the story of a stuntman named Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) who teams up with an NIS (National Intelligent Service) agent named Go Hae Ri (Suzy) to uncover the truth behind the plane crash that killed his nephew. While the tension heightens even more as each episode features a shocking twist, here are three things you should look for in the upcoming episodes of the drama.


1. Who is the professional sniper after Lily (Park Ah In)?

Lily receives a request from Jessica Lee (Moon Jung Hee) to shoot Kim Woo Gi (Jang Hyuk Jin) on site to prevent him from making a statement at court that could be used against Jessica Lee’s plans. However, the families of the plane crash victims protect Kim Woo Gi with their own bodies, making Lily give up on the mission. As she turns away, a sniper shoots her colleague in the head, and Lily barely manages to dodge the bullet. She lets Jessica Lee know of the situation, and when Jessica Lee asks who sent the sniper, Lily angrily responds, “It’s probably Edward (Lee Kyung Young), that bastard.”

While the identity of the sniper was not revealed, curiosity rises among viewers as Edward was shown making a secretive call to someone and asking, “Where are you now?”

2. Will Judge Seok Soo Il (Yoon Da Hoon) take the side of the victims’ families despite pressure from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Seok Soo Il is the judge who was in charge of the trial for the lawsuit filed against Dynamic Systems by the families of the B357 plane crash victims. Despite the push from the Chief Justice to hurry up and state the ruling for the trial, Seok Soo Il stalls for time so that Kim Woo Gi can safely arrive at the court and gives hope to the victims’ families. Viewers are curious to see whether or not Seok Soo Il will stand by his beliefs and come to a fair ruling for justice.

3. To what extent will President Jung Kook Pyo (Baek Yoon Shik) use his power?

Jung Kook Pyo is enraged when he hears that Kim Woo Gi safely returned to Korea and is approaching the court despite the numerous attempts to stop him from coming back. The return of Kim Woo Gi could mean the end of his term as the President as he had already signed a contract with John & Mark. Feeling nervous, Jung Kook Pyo sends in the police to stop Kim Woo Gi from making a statement.

Viewers are anxious to see to what extent Jung Kook Pyo will abuse his power to keep his position.

The production company Celltrion Entertainment stated, “The drama will showcase the most shocking plot twist. A series of plot twists will take place until the end. Please look forward to it.”

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