Nam Tae Hyun's Agency Discontinued, South Club Signs With New Agency

Nam Tae Hyun and his band South Club have signed with a new agency. In a handwritten letter posted to his Instagram on November 5, Nam Tae Hyun announced that his agency The South has been dissolved, and that he is happy to be able to focus solely on music moving forward with a new agency.

Below is Nam Tae Hyun’s letter:

Hello. This is South Club’s Nam Tae Hyun.

First, I’d like to apologize for the delayed release of our five-track EP album.

Our band (with the same members) has found a new agency, and my agency The South has been discontinued. Though three years is a short time, I learned a lot while running my own company, and it was also difficult and overwhelming because certain systems were very weak. However, we’ve found a more established system and support in a new family, and I’m happy because now we can focus solely on music.

After a long discussion with our agency, we’ve decided to push back the release of the five songs we had planned.

We will be releasing a single album first, with a brighter, more popular track. After some refinement, we will return soon with great music.

I wanted to give you the news first, before the press release goes out. Thank you for always trusting me and waiting for me even though I am lacking, and for giving me so much love.

From Nam Tae Hyun.

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