Super Junior Celebrates Their 14th Anniversary On Social Media

Super Junior is now 14 years old! The members took to social media to celebrate their 14th year together.

Leader Leeteuk shared some photos of himself on Instagram with the hashtag, “14th anniversary.” On the post, Yesung commented, “I took all of these photos for you. Haha.”

Eunhyuk shared a photo of himself in front of the same background as Leeteuk and said, “14 years. 5,110 days. 122,640 hours. 7,358,400 minutes. 441,504,000 seconds. The long time we spent together, and the infinite time we’ll spend together in the future.”

Yesung posted the following tweet:

Donghae uploaded a photo of Super Junior huddled up before a performance on his Twitter account and wrote, “Thank you, our beloved ELF, whom we shared 14 years of our lives with. ELF, you made me understand that time doesn’t just flow; it accumulates. Rather than leaving when everyone’s clapping for me (Korean phrase referring to the peak of a celebrity’s career), I’m going to stay here and clap along. I love you.”

Choi Siwon wrote on his Instagram, “The 14 years we walked together. Looking back at the path we walked, I can see the footsteps that were faintly imprinted. I’m finding our passion and youth in each of those footprints. I’m looking forward to our future even more. Thank you. I love you.” In English, he added, “Let’s celebrate our 14th anniversary. Cheers.”

Kim Heechul also posted on Instagram with the caption, “Super Junior 14th anniversary.”

The official Super Junior Twitter account tweeted with several hashtags to celebrate the group’s anniversary and recommended “The Crown” as the song of the day.

Super Junior debuted on November 6, 2005 with the album “Super Junior 05.”

Meanwhile, on the day of their 14th anniversary, Super Junior released a special version of their ninth album “Time_Slip” called “TIMELINE.” The tracks in “TIMELINE” are identical to the ones in “Time_Slip,” but the album is packaged differently and contains different photos.

Happy 14th anniversary, Super Junior!

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