Watch: Jang Dong Yoon And Kim So Hyun Have Fun Experimenting During Kiss Scene In

KBS’s “The Tale of Nokdu” recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the romantic kiss scene between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun!

The video begins with the production staff asking the two actors if they’re nervous for their big scene. But both actors are casual about it, with Jang Dong Yoon saying, “Is there something to be nervous about?” and Kim So Hyun quipping, “It’s just like any other scene to me.”

When it comes time to block the scene (rehearse their physical movements), Jang Dong Yoon makes everyone laugh as he experiments to see which angle he has to tilt his hat in order to get the kiss right. Kim So Hyun also loosens up by ad-libbing during their line rehearsal.

The actors find it hilarious when the director tries to practice the kiss scene with Jang Dong Yoon to show them how they should be holding each other. The director then jokes around by demonstrating a slightly steamier version of the kiss scene and says, “That’s the version of the kiss if you were in your thirties.”

Despite their casual demeanor at the beginning of the video, the actors have to experiment a lot when it comes to actual rehearsals. Kim So Hyun tries different ways of touching Jang Dong Yoon’s face, but laughs whenever she makes eye contact with him. The director tells Jang Dong Yoon he needs to have more fire in his gaze, and the actor replies nonsensically, “It’ll happen naturally once we kiss.”

Things don’t go any smoother once the rain machine turns on, with Jang Dong Yoon going in for the kiss before Kim So Hyun had finished saying her lines. The actors do take after take, experimenting with different angles and positions, until the director finally gives the okay.

Check out the cute video below!

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