CSJH The Grace's Sunday Announces She's Getting Married

CSJH The Grace’s Sunday is tying the knot soon!

On November 7, Sunday shared a post on her Instagram that delivers the news to her fans and includes several pictures from a wedding photo shoot.

Read her post below:

Hello. This is CSJH The Grace’s Sunday. I’m also just a regular person known as Jin Bo Ra. I’m writing to you today because I have some really happy news to share. I really love singing, dancing, and acting, so based on just my passion, ah… Oh! At the age of 13, I entered SM and began learning, training, and competing, and debuted at 17. Now I’m Sunday, a veteran (?) singer who’s 33, 34 in Korean age.

As Sunday, I’ve received love from fans for a long time and been able to communicate with them, so I was happy and thrilled, and I felt that the work that I do is very rewarding. Hm… When I was 15, I went to Japan on my own and made a solo debut. I was lonely on my own away from my parents and friends, and at the time I really wanted to have a regular school life too! Particularly in 2002 during the Korea-Japan World Cup, I cried as I talked to my friends on the phone about how much I wanted to go to Korea.. Still, I passionately cheered the team on by myself.

But I had the most fun and was the happiest because after my debut, I was able to sing as Sunday and as CSJH The Grace! It was worth it to go through everything all that time in the name of my dream! Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed with happiness during the thrilling moments when I’d be on stage communicating together with [our fans] Shapley through music and the lights were sparkling beautifully. Well… at one point I felt sad and hurt, and I fell into a slump and it was difficult. I’d just cry over the emptiness and sadness, and there were a lot of things that were a given for other people that I had to give up on. I’d lose something, and someone, and I kept repeating falling over and getting back up again. That has been my path on the way to this point I’m at now…

I’ve always tried to stay smiling, and I’m standing on stage as well as living a normal life while feeling sincerely thankful to the people who have loved and supported Sunday. In this way, I’ve gone through quite a lot as Sunday during that time and gathered up strength to get through it, but as the other version of me, the person Jin Bo Ra, because of my wounds the world still feels strange and scary to me. Although I became a member of society early in life, as I enter the even larger society I feel so lacking, soft-hearted, weak, and incomplete. I’m in my mid 30s but as Jin Bo Ra I act like a child still in kindergarten that loves other people without reason and always wants to receive so much love too. To be honest, I sometimes get mixed up and anxious because of these two sides of me that are both similar and different in this way, which makes me confused, so it can be both a good and bad thing…

Someone has come into my life who loves me as a whole, with all these sides of me. I’m talking about someone who really cherishes, loves, and embraces me, not only as a celebrity and a singer but also as the weak Jin Bo Ra and the uneasy and immature real me!! Now I’m starting again as a new person! If I’m together with that someone, then I don’t feel afraid about Sunday, Jin Bo Ra, or this new version of myself. I think I’ve written such a long post and I think it may be overly emotional and too much information. Also on top of that, although it’s still early on, I apologize to the reporters who already know… Before the reports came out, I wanted to first talk to my Shapley, the fans who love me, about all the sides of me that I’ve had and my emotions, as well as the changes I’ve gone through after meeting that person. Ha, now that I’ve read over what I wrote, I realize that if there were some kind of class on how to deliver this kind of news by writing it in a cool way then I’d want to take it… Still, I’d be grateful if you looked upon it kindly since I tried to write it honestly in a way that’s like me. Please support my new self as I become more mature, stable, and improved through my relationship with that person!

I’ll be Sunday who shines brighter
The happy and ambitious Jin Bo Ra
and a beautiful person that includes all of those sides of me.

Soon, I’m going to get married.
feat. a mischievous bride.

Congratulations to the couple!

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