Park Shi Hoo Ordered To Pay 370 Million Won To Production Company After 7-Year Lawsuit

Park Shi Hoo’s seven-year legal battle with a music video production company has come to a close with the actor ordered to pay compensation.

On November 7, it was reported that Park Shi Hoo’s appeal has been dismissed by the court.

In September 2012, the production company described as “K” and Park Shi Hoo signed a contract for the production of a music drama and photo book. Park Shi Hoo began filming in Thailand, but the filming came to a halt before it was finished. It was decided that they’d complete it after returning to Korea, but it’s said that he declined to take part in the filming that had been planned for October. As he was under investigation for suspicions of sexual assault in February of the next year, filming could not continue then either.

The company stated that it was therefore Park Shi Hoo’s fault that the filming had fallen through and they filed a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo’s then agency Didim531, demanding that they pay compensation for a 270 million won (approximately $234,000) advance and for damages caused by delay.

Although the court ruled in Park Shi Hoo’s favor in the first trial, company K won in the second trial after an appeal. After Didim531 shut down in January 2015, the responsibility to pay the damages fell to Park Shi Hoo. However, his side stated that he had not received his guaranteed performance payment. They said that the project had been halted because of company K’s negligence, protested the ruling, and filed an appeal in December 2015.

After a long legal battle, this appeal was dismissed by the court on October 31. The court judged that it would be reasonable to view the fault as being on Park Shi Hoo for his inability to perform the duties laid out in his contract because he was under investigation during the music drama’s production which meant there was no longer a reason to create the project. Park Shi Hoo will therefore have to pay company K compensation of 270 million won plus damages for delay, which equals about 370 million won (approximately $320,670).

A source from Park Shi Hoo’s current agency HOOFACTORY stated, “Although it is upsetting, as it is a final ruling, we will pay the compensation.” They added, “It’s true that it feels unfair as this incident occurred when Park Shi Hoo was at his previous agency. Originally the responsibility was held together [with the former agency], but we ended up taking it on when they closed down.”

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