The cast of “New Journey to the West 7” went on a retro-themed trip!

On the November 8 broadcast, the variety show aired a retro special with vibes from the 1990s and 2000s.

After undergoing transformations and filming the show’s teaser, the cast played a game to eat jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup). The staff said, “They’re nine-passenger and 25-passenger vehicles. One out of the two cars will go to a delicious jjamppong restaurant, and the other will go somewhere else.”

SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won was the first to take action. After looking around the inside of the car, Eun Ji Won slyly smiled and got on the nine-passenger vehicle. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Block B’s P.O followed suit. Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and WINNER’s Song Mino boarded the 25-passenger.

Eun Ji Won then said, “I’ll give you the chance to change your decision.” Song Mino was swayed and switched with P.O. When Kang Ho Dong asked why, P.O replied, “Mino is always bad at guessing.”

In contrast to P.O’s statement, the vehicle with EunJi Won, Mino, and Kyuhyun arrived in front of the jjamppong restaurant. Eun Ji Won raved about how delicious it tasted. The 25-passenger vehicle with Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and Song Mino turned out to be the delivery car for the staff’s lunch boxes. The three members were able to eat after delivering lunch boxes to the staff.

The members played games to win local delicacies, but they weren’t able to eat any of them. The staff gave them another chance and suggested a game of long jump while wearing a cone hat.

Kang Ho Dong barely succeeded at jumping over the yellow line, but P.O and Song Mino failed to do so. Eun Ji Won fell backwards on the spot after spinning around five times, and Lee Soo Geun also was unable to make it to the yellow line. Kyuhyun jumped further than Kang Ho Dong and was crowned as the winner.

Lee Soo Geun suggested a game of catching shoes where each member had to spin around 10 times and catch their shoe. Eun Ji Won and Song Mino were successful this time around. Kyuhyun chose Korean beef and dried yellow corvina, Song Mino picked neungi mushrooms, and Eun Ji Won chose crabs.

The cast then took on their dragon ball mission and Kang Ho Dong tried to match pieces of beef to the cow’s body parts. Kang Ho Dong breezed through the game and correctly guessed the answers without even tasting the meat.

Lee Soo Geun then took on the onomatopoeia quiz where he had to answer five questions within two minutes. Thanks to P.O who answered three questions, they completed the game in 45 seconds.

The final group mission was a consonant quiz where all six members had to shout the word at the same time without prior discussions. Only Kang Ho Dong and Eun Ji Won shouted the same word, and the group failed this round.

The cast then time traveled to the past to find the dragon ball and transformed into popular stars from the 1990s and 2000s. Kang Ho Dong transformed into Park Jin Young by trying out his famous plastic pants.

Song Mino became a “Red Devil,” a member of the official fan club of the Korean national soccer team that cheered on the players during the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

Lee Soo Geun put on Lee Jung Hyun‘s stage costume from her 1999 song “Wa” (literal title) while Eun Ji Won reenacted Rain‘s 2003 track “How to Avoid the Sun” (literal title).

Kyuhyun turned into Bae Yong Joon‘s character from “Winter Sonata” and P.O transformed into Im Soo Jung‘s character in “I’m Sorry, I Love You.”

The cast competed in a “three versus three” race to win “an amazing prize.” Eun Ji Won, Kyuhyun, and Lee Soo Geun formed one team while Kang Ho Dong, P.O, and Song Mino formed another, and both teams went on a quest find the four-lettered destination without using a cellphone or GPS.

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