Watch: TXT Unexpectedly Takes On Double-Speed Dance Challenge For

TXT showed off their lightning reflexes on the latest episode of “Idol Radio”!

On November 8, the rookie group appeared as guests on the MBC Standard FM radio show, with Taehyun taking on the role of special DJ.

During one segment of the broadcast, the TXT members attempted to fulfill various fan requests. One fan asked TXT to perform the choreography to their debut track “CROWN” at double speed, and the members responded with visible trepidation.

“This is really difficult,” they said hesitantly. “Actually, we tried this once in the practice room, and it was really hard. It was impossible.” Nonetheless, Soobin declared, “Still, we’re TXT. The five of us need to [try] this together. Let’s go.”

However, just as soon as the five members got into the starting position for “CROWN,” their new title track “Run Away” began playing at double speed instead. After exchanging confused glances over the unexpected change of song, TXT immediately rushed to switch around their positions and jump into the choreography for “Run Away” instead of “CROWN.”

In spite of the unexpected hurdle, the TXT members impressed with their speedy reflexes and managed to nail the double-speed challenge anyway. “This wasn’t planned,” Yeonjun commented afterwards, with Beomgyu chiming in, “I was even more surprised that we were able to pull it off.” Yeonjun added, “We’ve never practiced this even once.”

Taehyun observed, “This is our first time dancing at double speed,” before going on to joke, “It’ll be our first and last time.”

Check out TXT’s double-speed performance of “Run Away” below!

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