To celebrate the premiere of the show’s second season, the cast of Netflix’s “Busted!” got together to dish the dirt on each other’s personalities and more!

The mystery variety show returned for a second season on November 8, and to kick things off, Netflix shared two fun clips of the cast members interacting with each other outside of the show.

In one of the newly released videos, Yoo Jae Suk, EXO’s Sehun, Park Min Young, Lee Seung Gi, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, and Kim Jong Min have fun answering questions about the members’ personalities. Armed with finger pointers, the cast votes for the member they think would make the best spy, the member who seems the most likely to get swindled in a voice phishing scam, the member who holds the deepest grudges, and more.

The members unanimously agree that Kim Jong Min is the greediest when it comes to food, while Yoo Jae Suk receives the most votes for the member whose logic is always faulty.

The cast chooses Sehun as the member who holds the deepest grudges, with Park Min Young sharing, “He’s the type who’ll chase them down even after the shoot is over,” and Sehun immediately agrees. Lee Seung Gi adds, “He’s also the type to actually get upset at the criminal [from the episode], even after filming.”

In another video, the cast members split up into teams to play a number of classic games from popular Korean variety shows. Park Min Young beats Kim Sejeong at rock-paper-scissors twice, earning the chance to choose both of her team members. When she unhesitatingly picks Sehun and Lee Seung Gi for her team, Yoo Jae Suk jokingly complains, “Wow, you picked your [teammates] way too eagerly.”

To find out what the “Busted!” cast thinks of each other—and which team emerges victorious in their variety game showdown—watch the two clips with English subtitles below!

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