20 K-Pop Acts That Are Heating Things Up This Fall

The trees are almost bare of leaves and it’s getting colder and colder outside, but the K-pop world has been on fire recently, with epically energizing, lit, and swag-filled releases left and right. If you need to add a little warmth into your fall season, or if you’ve barely been able to keep up with all the new K-pop coming out these days, here’s our list of 20 artists that have been turning up the heat with their recent releases. Enjoy these sizzling fall songs!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s second full-length album “Purpose” features a variety of different styles and polished tracks, but “Spark” will be keeping us warm as winter approaches. The song, which is about overcoming hardships and keeping your inner fire burning, delivers its motivating message with a uniquely rhythmic, soul-infused sound that is sure to ignite a spark in you. Plus, check out that gorgeous golden-hued MV aesthetic:



ONEUS goes full cultural with “LIT,” infusing their characteristically intense musical style with traditional Korean instruments and sounds. It’s a party in the palace with their regal traditional-inspired outfits and colorful sets, and we can’t get enough of this playful song!


Fresh off of their “Queendom” win and all their brilliant performances on the show, MAMAMOO continues to turn up the heat with their latest release. “HIP” is as full of swag and self-confidence as any MAMAMOO track, reminding us why we’re so obsessed with these ladies: they’re totally confident in who they are, and that’s what makes them so hip!

4. A.C.E

We’re still not over “Under Cover,” but A.C.E is already back with another hard-hitting single. “Savage” is fire enough to keep us toasty all winter long, and it’s not alone: the group’s whole “Under Cover: The Mad Squad” EP is filled with gems. If you haven’t yet, you need to check out the eerie, powerful performance MV for their lit intro “Escape,” featuring famous choreographer Lia Kim. And of course, don’t forget to listen to “Savage”!

5. DAY6

DAY6’s “The Book of Us: Entropy” is another album that’s full of one hit after another, and “Sweet Chaos” is just the kind of deliciously breathless track that gives us energy no matter how cold it is outside. We’re so glad we’ve been blessed with more DAY6 music and amazing live performances this fall!

6. (G)I-DLE


(G)I-DLE has been on fire ever since “Queendom” started back in August, and the competition show really allowed the ladies to shine with some powerful performances and music, from their “nightmare version” of “Put It Straight” to their recent single “LION.” But that’s not all the members of (G)I-DLE have been up to, and if you haven’t heard Minnie’s feature on Wengie’s “Empire,” do yourself a favor:

7. Super Junior

Super Junior has really been brightening up our autumn — and we’re not just talking about Eunhyuk’s neon hair in the “SUPER Clap” MV. If seeing nine SuJu members doesn’t warm your heart, their simmering, sexy “I Think I” will definitely heat things up.

8. The Boyz

Although most of its songs are in Korean, The Boyz’s recent “Tattoo” album is technically their Japanese debut, and there’s a reason it earned a No. 2 spot on Oricon’s daily album chart. Their title track is understated and subtly intense, but dials up the heat for the chorus — plus, we’re obsessed with this powerful choreography.

9. Brown Eyed Girls

They’re back! After four long years, Brown Eyed Girls have finally come together to bless us with “Re_vive,” an album filled with remakes of old Korean hits, with the ladies’ own characteristic flair. “Wonder Woman” is a version of an older song by Jo Wonsun, and this MV is pure, glitzy, retro fun, complete with drag queens and all.

10. GOT7

All of GOT7’s “Call My Name” EP is fire (“Crash & Burn,” anyone?), but “You Calling My Name” is a new kind of sound from the group. It starts cool and breathless, but builds into a sizzling intensity that we’ll have on repeat all through the colder days ahead! The song also gives us a chance to really appreciate the guys’ vocal talent, and we can’t get enough of Jinyoung’s velvety voice on the chorus.



MONSTA X’s recent hardships and sudden lineup change have been hard on members and fans alike, but it can’t take away the guys’ achievement: “Follow” might just be the hottest song of the fall. Its driving beats and catchy, chanted chorus make it an insanely lit song that is the pinnacle of the group’s recent success.


Blaring beats and an echoing chorus make a strong statement in “Dumb,” as the members of BVNDIT say good riddance to someone for whom they’ve waited long enough! Sexy, empowering, and fast-paced, “Dumb” shows that these ladies give no second chances — and that they’re a group we should keep our eye on!


ATEEZ are quickly becoming kings of hard-hitting K-pop, and “Wonderland” is the latest jewel in their crown. Fast-paced, exciting, and bombastically catchy, “Wonderland” and its epic MV bring the heat and more. Their entire “TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action” album is pretty lit, so be sure to check out the highlight medley for some hidden gems!

14. ONF

ONF has found their niche with an intense, rhythmic sound that races towards choruses that explode in slow-motion. “Why” is the latest single from this highly underrated group, and while their whole “Go Live” album is worth a listen, this cinematic, fast-paced music video is a good place to start:


HINAPIA marks the re-debut of four former PRISTIN members, and their first track “DRIP” is sultry, confident, and dripping with swag. As if the song wasn’t hot enough, the ladies look gorgeous in this music video, bringing us some summery-hot attitude this autumn!

16. UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk


UP10TION’s rapper brings playful, sexy fun for his first solo release, heating things up with his charisma and swag. Add in a lit bridge and breathlessly strong choreography with some adorkable facial expressions in the midst of powerful dance moves, and “I Like That” is easily one of the hottest songs of this fall.

17. B.I.G

“Illusion” has not only all the spiciness of a summer track, but also a culturally unique blend of musical styles: with a Latin vibe and some Arabic elements, it’s a hot mix that you won’t want to miss. Plus, the group even released an Arabic version of the song!

18. AleXa

This two-time winner of Soompi’s “Rising Legends” finally makes her debut with “Bomb,” an electronically explosive track that takes off and doesn’t look back. AleXa is the definition of fierce, and this song is as lit as the fires and LED lights of its dystopian, cyborg-filled music video.

19. IN2IT

“ULlala: Poisoning” is smooth and serious until its Latin-infused chorus, which breaks down into a sexy, energetic serenade as the guys of IN2IT dare a love interest into a dangerous romance. We’re grateful to IN2IT for adding some tropical flair to our fall!

20. SuperM

SuperM is SM Entertainment’s most ambitious project yet, so obviously their title track is on a whole new level. From its cinematic MV to the epicness of the song’s multiple parts, this concept is on fire — the lyrics do say that the guys will burn on the stage, after all. But it’s not just “Jopping” that’s lit, and the group’s entire EP is masterfully crafted, with powerful choreos to match: even on their B-sides, SuperM brings their A-game for every performance.

Hey Soompiers, which of these K-pop artists are you listening to this fall? Did you find any new faves? Let us know in the comments!

hgordon stays up way too late on weeknights marathoning K-dramas and trying to keep up with the latest K-pop releases. Follow her adventures in Seoul on Instagram.

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