The cast of “Running Man” will be joined by spooky visitors on the show’s upcoming episode!

On November 10, SBS released a preview of next week’s episode, which will begin with the continuation of this week’s episode featuring guests HyunA, EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon, Lee Guk Joo, and Kang Han Na.

In the clip, Yang Se Chan looks startled by an incomprehensible series of events, with the cast and guests looking frightened as the caption teases that a forbidden animal is lurking in their midst. Several of the guests fall down and cry as the race continues, and Yoo Jae Suk covers his mouth in shock after saying that he got chills.

The teaser then cuts to a clip of three staff members gathered inside of SBS’s editing room. Producing director (PD) Jung Chul Min asks, “Did you tell the rookie the ghost story?” and the other male employee answers, “How can I say something like that to someone who’s just joined?” Turning to the new employee, the PD says, “You don’t know about the ghost story that’s passed down at SBS, do you?” and she responds that this is her first time hearing about it.

Jung Chul Min then jumps into the story of the “click-clack ghost” and the “coughing ghost.” He explains that there was once a famous PD and assistant director who always hit 40 percent in viewership ratings, and there was also a rival PD and writer who were jealous of them.

One night, the rival PD and writer “eliminated” the star PD and assistant director (in “Running Man” style, Jung Chul Min hilariously describes them as “out”). The nickname of that PD was “cough” because he coughed so much, and the writer’s nickname was “click-clack” because she always wore heels.

“Ever since they were ousted, you can hear coughing and click-clack sounds whenever it becomes nighttime,” he continues. “They’re still walking around SBS looking for that project proposal.” The rookie employee doesn’t seem to believe the story, and the three of them leave the station to go home.

Once the lights turn off, the clip ends with a chilling scream followed by sounds of a cough and click-clacks.

Catch this episode of “Running Man” when it airs on November 17 at 5 p.m. KST! You can check out the preview below:

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