9 K-Pop Idols That Are Always Glass Skin Goals

Glowing, flawless skin has long been a staple in Korean beauty. There have even been a few terms coined to describe the perfect look, including “glass skin,” “chok chok skin,” and “honey skin” – the list goes on. Despite the slight nuances that differentiate such phrases, they all imply the same skin-focused ideals that so many Koreans aspire to. From makeup to skincare to special in-office treatments, so much of the K-beauty aesthetic is centered on smooth, hydrated skin that’s so clear it’s practically glassy. In no particular order, here are nine K-pop stars who always have that glass-skin glow – and we’re going to need their skincare routines, stat!

1. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

While all nine members of TWICE have enviably dewy skin, Chaeyoung brings the glow to the next level. The flashing hearts in this particular video are eye-catching, but we’re totally distracted by her ridiculously gorgeous skin! She showed ONCEs her routine in a V Live with fellow group member Nayeon back in 2018, and her diligence definitely pays off – she looks flawless both with and without makeup!

2. BTSSuga

BTS’s rapper Suga has famously amazing skin, so much so that fans, makeup artists, and even fellow BTS members have pointed it out. Despite the group’s rigorous schedule, constant traveling, and Suga’s decidedly low-maintenance skincare routine, he always manages to retain that fresh, youthful look. Back in 2017, Suga and fellow rapper J-Hope did a sheet mask and chatted with ARMYs over V Live – and the resulting glow had us running for our stash of sheet masks straight away!

3. EXID’s Hyelin

Hyelin has been blessed with incredibly gorgeous skin since birth, according to the other members of EXID – and her numerous glowy looks in performances, photoshoots, red carpets, and more have definitely proved it! She also regularly shows off her stunning makeup-free visage on her YouTube channel, proving that she doesn’t need makeup to provide that coveted glass-skin effect.

4. NCT’s Jaehyun

Another idol gifted with a stunning complexion from day one, Jaehyun’s skin is as smooth as his vocals. The other members of NCT have even expressed their envy of his all-natural glow, and the Twitter pics prove that they aren’t kidding. According to Jaehyun, the secret to his flawless look is cleansing really thoroughly to make sure that any makeup is removed at the end of the day – but it also definitely takes some good genetics to get skin like his.


5. KARD’s Somin

Somin’s glow is so real, it’s even visible from offstage! The vocalist and visual of KARD has her title for a reason – her look is always on point, thanks in part to her glass-like complexion. She revealed in an interview that she takes meticulous care of her skin, and her routine includes more than a few products and fun skincare gadgets to help her maintain that gorgeous glow.

6. Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan’s adorably soft cheeks and youthful glow give him a young and fresh look, which is just one of the many reasons why fans love him. Every performance and variety show appearance is proof of just how amazing his skin is! His enviable complexion even caught the attention of cosmetics companies, and he recently landed his first brand endorsement deal.

7. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo’s Instagram page is a constant source of glowy-skin goals thanks to her smooth and flawless complexion. She revealed on an episode of “Get It Beauty” that most of her routine is skin-focused, and that she prefers to perfect her skin with various masks and moisturizers rather than piling on the foundation. Her understated looks usually tend to showcase her glass skin, and we couldn’t be more awestruck by her beauty!

8. EXO’s Sehun

It seems like Sehun’s good looks make him a makeup artists’ dream client – you don’t have to work at all to make him look amazing! EXO’s makeup artist says that the group’s youngest member has beautiful clear skin, and the times that fans have been gifted with glimpses of Sehun sans makeup definitely prove the point. He even comes across completely flawless on film, and the camera doesn’t lie!

9. Red Velvet’s Joy

Another source of glowing-goddess Instagram goals, Red Velvet’s Joy is not afraid to post photos without makeup. The other members of Red Velvet have revealed that she’s a skincare connoisseur and that she consistently packs the most products out of anyone in the group. Her passion for skincare shows in her glass-like complexion!

Which stars are your glass skin goals? Are you planning to try out some of these idols’ skincare routines? Let us know in the comments!

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