Kim Ho Young Facing Suspicions Of Sexual Harassment + Alleged Victim Speaks Up

Musical actor Kim Ho Young has been accused of sexual harassment.

On November 11, news outlet The Fact reported that Kim Ho Young was facing a lawsuit for suspicions of sexually harassing a man referred to as “A” inside a car on September 24. The alleged victim has submitted a complaint to the Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division of the Seoul Seongdong Police Station.

In response to the report, Kim Ho Young’s agency PLK Entertainment released the following official statement:


This is PLK Entertainment.

We announce the agency’s official statement regarding Kim Ho Young.

The article that was published today regarding Kim Ho Young is completely false, and we are currently checking on the details. We earnestly ask that you report on all facts after confirming with the actor and agency from now on.

We believe that as reporters, you will know better than we do about the irreparable damage that is caused by speculative reports. Therefore, we once again ask that you avoid spreading unconfirmed facts and writing speculative reports, and we announce that we will actively take legal action regarding other incorrect reports from now on.

Moreover, we will take strong legal action against the publishing and spreading of malicious false facts and other acts of defamation including online comments.

The agency clarified in a separate statement, “It is true that he is facing a lawsuit filed by ‘A.’ He will be investigated by the police.’ When we said the article is completely false, we meant that Kim Ho Young is innocent.”

They added, “It is true that he was not able to attend police questioning due to scheduling conflicts. We have stated our position to the police, and we decided on a day he is able to attend. We haven’t gotten a response about the exact date yet, but he will faithfully cooperate with the police investigations once it is decided.”

Later in the day, SBS funE published a phone interview they had with someone claiming to be “A.”

The person claiming to be “A” said, “I’ve known him for about two years. I went near his home for a work-related meet-up, and he asked to talk in his car because he wasn’t feeling well. He then fell asleep, saying he was tired, and I also fell asleep. A strange feeling woke me up, and I ran out of the car. The CCTV cameras nearby probably have footage of me running out of the car without my pants on.”

According to SBS funE, “A” stated that he had returned home after the incident without being able to say anything and that Kim Ho Young contacted him many days later to apologize, after which he told “A” to speak to his agency CEO.

“A” continued to say to SBS funE, “Kim Ho Young’s agency CEO asked me what I wanted and that they would provide compensation. What I wanted wasn’t money. Back then, I wasn’t thinking of suing him. But they reached out to me again and told me they’d expose me to the public, saying that I seduced him first. I was so angered by their commanding attitude that I filed a complaint to the police a week after the incident took place. I submitted all of the evidence necessary to prove what happened. I’m experiencing so much psychological pain from that day’s incident that I get nightmares, but he’s appearing in dramas, home shopping networks, and variety shows and laughing as if nothing had happened. My girlfriend got really mad after seeing that and told me to sue him.”

Kim Ho Young is currently appearing in tvN’s “Pegasus Market” as Jo Min Dal, the head of a household who won’t give up on his dream of becoming a singer. He is also known for his appearances on variety shows like MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer” and “The Real Men 300.”

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