Watch: Kim Hye Yoon Has Fun Going Through SF9's Rowoon's Backpack Behind The Scenes Of

MBC’s “Extraordinary You” has released a fun video that shows the cast having fun behind the scenes!

The video begins with SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon playing with each other as usual. Kim Hye Yoon starts going through Rowoon’s backpack, and one item especially catches the actress’s attention. It is a gift bag that she handed out to the actors and staff members of “Extraordinary You” in September, including snacks. Kim Hye Yoon says, “This is a little bit disappointing. This is something that I gave him a long, long time ago. Hasn’t this gone bad?” Rowoon responds, “I look for it every time I need sugar.”

After Kim Hye Yoon pours everything out of Rowoon’s backpack, she demands that he puts it all back in. Rowoon jokes in response, “There are only 20 days left, so I’ll be patient.” However, Rowoon starts to draw on the sticker that has Kim Hye Yoon’s face on it, to which Kim Hye Yoon responds, “Are you good at fighting?” The two continue to bicker, but as soon as the cameras start rolling, they are back to being professionals.

Moving on to the next scene, Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon are joined by Jung Gun Joo. The scene requires Rowoon to keep on eating sandwiches, fed by Kim Hye Yoon and Jung Gun Joo. After many takes, Rowoon is finally free from eating. The SF9 member jokes, “I think I ate about 30 sandwiches.” A staff member tells him that one sandwich is 200 calories, and he comments, “I consumed 6000 calories. I think I will starve for a week.”

Check out the full video below!

Catch up with the latest episode of “Extraordinary You” below!

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