MAMAMOO Talks About Taking On New Challenges For Comeback, What They'd Do If They Weren't Idols, And More

MAMAMOO is back!

On November 14, the girl group held a showcase for their second album “reality in BLACK.”

Describing MAMAMOO’s latest title track “HIP,” Hwasa said, “It’s about living a life where you don’t care about how other people see you and it’s a song about a life that’s the most like you. Sincere ‘hip’ comes from the mindset of loving myself, so the song conveys the meaning of valuing yourself and living confidently rather than caring about what others think.”

She continued, “The song is fun, but fun songs are always difficult at first for me. I wanted to express this fun song in a cool way. But composer Kim Do Hoon already made it in a cool way, so I liked that we were able to convey that vibe.”

Solar revealed that for the first time, the group is wearing headsets rather than holding microphones when they perform. She said, “We’re performing with headsets, and it was difficult to the point where I teared up. It was so hard that I wanted to quit during practice.” She added, “This choreography was created by the famous Lia Kim and she did a great job of making it. CEO Kim Do Hoon said, ‘You can’t do this with a hand mic. You have to wear a headset if you want to show everything.’ I was worried at first, but I liked that we could show something new and different.”

“We attempted this because it was our goal to show a different look,” said Moonbyul.

Describing her strengths, Solar said, “I think that we have different personalities, but each person knows what part fits them well on stage. Many people agree with that part, so I think it creates synergy. Many women say that our lyrics are refreshing and many people enjoy it.”

In October, MAMAMOO was crowned as the winner of Mnet’s “Queendom.” “I didn’t expect to win at all,” said Wheein. “It was moving because it was unexpected. Many people and the members worked hard during that time, so I became emotional. It was an opportunity I’m grateful for.” About the winning prize of a comeback show on Mnet, she explained, “We’re in the process of preparing for the comeback show because we want to do a good job. We’ll prepare it in a cool way so that it’s really awesome and high quality.”

MAMAMOO also discussed their image of self-confidence. Solar said, “Being conscious of others’ [views] actually makes it seem like you’re fake. I think we portrayed that in a more natural, comfortable way.”

Hwasa became a hot topic in July when she went to the airport without wearing a bra. “I didn’t do it with a plan,” she said. “I thought about it comfortably. Because I thought about it too comfortably, there were people who felt uncomfortable because of it and there were also those who saw it in a positive light. I was thankful for all of it. I learned about something I wasn’t aware of and also experienced something heartwarming.”

MAMAMOO was asked what they might be doing if they weren’t members of the girl group.

“My original dream was to become a flight attendant,” said Solar. “I realized that it didn’t fit me. There was a time when my mom wanted me to become a oriental medicine doctor.”

Hwasa answered, “I’m not sure. I think I’d be somewhere living freely. After listening to Solar’s answer, a sudden thought passed me by. My mom wanted me to become a monk.”

Wheein replied, “I have liked to dance and draw since I was young, so I think I might’ve danced.” Moonbyul added, “I imagined this a lot. If I hadn’t met the MAMAMOO members and were alone instead, I think I would’ve worked hard to prepare to become a police officer although I can’t really imagine it. But I think I like this world better.”

Speaking about the group’s five year’s together, Moonbyul said, “Five years is a long time if you look at it in a certain way, but I thought, ‘It’s already been five years.’ Since I do many new things every day while promoting as MAMAMOO, I think that there are people who enjoy, like, and support us. My goal is to be more responsible and show you more songs that cheer on many people, so I hope you’ll look forward to it.”

Check out the MV for MAMAMOO’s title track “HIP” here!

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