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Rainbow is back for their 10th anniversary project!

On November 14, the seven members of Rainbow did a celebratory V Live to commemorate their 10th anniversary by chatting with fans and awaiting the release of their special album, “Over the Rainbow.”

Regarding this special project, Jaekyung shared, “To make this project a reality, we’ve been planning since the beginning of the year.” Jisook added, “The biggest strength behind this project was Jaekyung.” They also shared their reason for the project, explaining, “We thought that the reason all seven of us were able to happily promote for 10 years was because of our fans’ love. That’s why we wanted to repay them with a good song.”

Along with their special album came their newest track, “Aurora,” of which the girls explained, “We met up at the beginning of the year and decided to make an album for our 10th anniversary. We asked Hyunyoung to write the song because she’s participated in a few of our songs, but she turned us down,” leading Hyunyoung to explain that it’s because she had never written a bright song before. The group continued, saying, “We ended up receiving the song from a friend of Jaekyung’s younger brother, N.Flying‘s Jaehyun.”

Of the album, the group shared, “It holds the bright and exciting energy that is unique to Rainbow. If you listen, it will give you a lot of strength. Please also watch the music video.”

When asked to make a promise if they reach No. 1 on the charts, they answered, “We currently don’t have any choreography. If the song hits No. 1 on any music site for even a second, we will choreograph it and appear on music shows.”

The girls also revealed that they would be donating all profits from the song to a children’s foundation. Jaekyung explained, “We wanted to be at least a little bit of help to ambitious young children. It would be great if you listened to the song lots.” They also shared the meaning behind their title track being named “Aurora,” saying, “You can only see an aurora at night, and you can only see a rainbow during the day. It holds the message, ‘We are now with you for 24 hours every day.'”

On the same day, Rainbow appeared on MBC’s “Idol Radio,” where they received a congratulatory message from Jaekyung’s brother, N.Flying’s Jaehyun. He shared, “N.Flying has also agreed to stay together until we’re 80. Just like how a rainbow cannot be missing a color, I hope you all stay together for a long time.” In response, Jaekyung said, “Our song ‘Aurora’ would not have been able to come to be without you. You became a huge help for our 10th anniversary album. On your 10th anniversary, we will give you lots of help.”

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