Lee Hye Sung Talks About Dating Jun Hyun Moo + What He's Like In Real Life

Announcer Lee Hye Sung talked about her relationship with Jun Hyun Moo!

As an MC for “Entertainment Weekly,” Lee Hye Sung appeared in the November 15 episode of the show. Immediately after she and her co-host Shin Hyun Joon gave their greetings at the opening, the show put a close up on Lee Hye Sung and everyone laughed. “Congratulations!” cheered the panel.

When asked how she feels, she replied, “I still feel a bit dazed as it’s so hectic. Everyone is congratulating us so I’m grateful.”

Shin Hyun Joon joked to her, “Aren’t I really loyal? I knew but I didn’t say anything. It was so obvious.”

She also spoke about what it was like to start publicly dating. “I didn’t expect it, so I thought, ‘Oh, so this is how it works.'” When asked what Jun Hyun Moo’s reaction was after the news came out, she said, “He told me that he’s sorry. He said that he’s sorry that it happened since it hasn’t been long since we started dating.”

When asked how they began dating, Lee Hye Sung talked about how they’d appeared on many KBS shows. “We met at first through ‘Happy Together,’ and then since I’d appeared as a guest, Jun Hyun Moo came on my radio show. We started to get close then and ate together a lot.”

On the topic of what she thinks Jun Hyun Moo’s charming qualities are, she shared, “I was a bit surprised, but he was actually very different than he seems on television. He jokes around a lot on television, but after I met him in real life I realized that he’s a good listener and he’s caring.”

Jun Hyun Moo’s agency confirmed on November 12 that the couple is dating.

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