Dok2 Accused Of Not Paying For Jewelry + Agency Responds

Rapper Dok2 has been sued for unpaid jewelry.

According to Dispatch on November 15, a jewelry company based in the United States (hereafter referred to as “A”) filed a complaint against the rapper for 40 million won (approximately $34,400) in unpaid jewelry.

Dok2 purchased jewelry and watches worth 247 million won (approximately $212,300) from “A” on credit. However, he delayed his payments, and when “A” requested he pay them back, he reasoned that he didn’t have any financial earnings in the U.S. and answered he would pay $20,000 every month.

The rapper paid $20,000 on November 28, 2018 as well as December 7, 2018 as promised but did not pay back the rest of the money afterwards. “A” demanded he make his payments, so he paid $43,600 on April 7, 2019. With no news in May, “A” once again urged him to make his payment. According to a source who is reportedly aware of the situation, Dok2 showed the jewelry company his bank account that only had 6 won (approximately $0.01) in it while saying, “I’m a musician. Do you see artists like Big Bang paying for such matters themselves?”

Dok2 then sent $41,800 from each of his Korean and U.S. accounts on May 28, 2019. With 40 million won left to be paid back, “A” has not been able to reach him.

When Dispatch got in contact with Dok2’s former manager, he revealed that Dok2 was robbed in Los Angeles and is currently paying for some sponsored items he lost in the incident.”

“A” refuted the manager’s claims, pointing out the invoice states “No refunds” and “No exchanges.” They stated they had never heard of the sponsorship and that the rapper has been avoiding contact since August.

On November 15, Dok2’s label Illionaire Records released an official response to the accusations. They said, “On September 25, 2018, [Dok2] purchased jewelry worth $206,000 on credit. ‘A’ claims that he has paid $171,300 out of the total amount of $206,000 and has not paid $34,700 dollars, but this is related to the conflict in the U.S.”

The label continued, “Dok2’s U.S. legal representative secured circumstantial evidence that ‘A’ broke California’s law while demanding reimbursement for the debt. So his legal representative ordered him not to pay the amount until the problem was resolved.”

They added, “Regardless of his position in the company as well as his ownership of it, this case is personal, but considering the possible damage on his image as a musician, we are preparing with his Korean legal representative to find a solution. Despite the elements of the legal dispute, Dok2 and Illionaire Records express deep regret that outlets have been publishing one-sided reports only containing the claims of ‘A’ when there are many legal factors involved. We would like to withdraw our efforts to conciliate with ‘A’ and inform you that we will take all available civil and criminal action to protect the honor and rights of our artist.”

Dok2 recently also underwent investigation by the National Tax Service.

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