IU Talks About Theme Of Her New Album, Dyeing Her Hair, And Friendship With Yoo In Na

On November 18, IU held a V Live broadcast to celebrate the release of her new EP “Love Poem.”

She said, “I think this is my first time doing a V Live in two years. My album is coming out at 6 p.m. [The broadcast began at 5 p.m. KST.] 59 minutes from now, I will release my first album since ‘Palette.’ I have been in a state of chaos since this afternoon. I think this is the first time that an album release date has been so chaotic for me.”

She continued, “I’m currently in the middle of my nationwide tour. I’m dyeing my hair about once a week. As the people who came to my concert might know, my hair keeps losing color. Two days ago, it was deep blue, but now it’s sky blue. I don’t understand how to dye my hair at all. I’m going to dye my hair again this week.”

In response to a question about the condition of her scalp, she said, “Strangely, my scalp doesn’t hurt at all. I don’t remember a single time that it hurt. My scalp condition is really good right now. I didn’t bleach all the way to the roots. I don’t have any regrets about my hair, so you don’t have to worry.”

IU also shared that she had participated in writing lyrics for all the songs on the album and picked three songs that she had particular affection for: “Unlucky,” “Above the Time,” and “Blueming.” She said, “‘Unlucky’ is about the love of a day. All of the six songs on the EP are centered around the theme of love. That could be love for a lover, love for yourself, love for humanity, love for the days that have gone by. It is about many forms of love.”

IU and actress Yoo In Na are known to be very close friends, and during the V Live, IU mentioned how Yoo In Na is supporting her during her tour. She said, “She is attending every single one of my concerts. She surprises me at each venue. She’ll show up like, ‘Hey,’ five minutes before. She made a surprise appearance at all three cities so far.”

IU continued, “For the Busan concert, she told me two weeks before that she really couldn’t come. I believed her, but I joked, ‘When you come, bring Melona [Korean ice cream brand].’ But 30 minutes before the concert, she actually showed up with Melona. I guess she thought I really wanted ice cream. She brought 50 Melonas from the supermarket and we had a Melona party.”

Check out the MV for “Blueming” here!

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