Minhyun Talks About Overcoming Difficulties, How NU'EST Members Have Grown, And More

NU’EST’s Minhyun has been selected as one of GQ Korea’s Men of the Year for 2019!

Recently, the magazine revealed that the Men of the Year for 2019 are Lee Dong WookWINNER‘s Song Mino, Oh Hyuk of the band Hyukoh, and NU’EST’s Minhyun. GQ’s Men of the Year are stars who have been influential and took on challenging and creative ventures.

During his interview with GQ Korea, Minhyun expressed his thoughts on being selected as one of the Men of the Year. He shared modestly, “I’m a little embarrassed to be among the great people who have decorated the cover of GQ until now. At first, I was just happy, but thinking about it again, I think it’s too generous [of a title] for me.”

Minhyun also talked about NU’EST’s successful album “The Table” and the concerns they had while preparing for the comeback. He explained, “We really practiced like when we were rookies.” Mentioning the bright image the song has, Minhyun said, “The day of our first music show, the response was much greater than I thought it would be. It was very pretty to see the members smiling brightly on stage. It felt as if all our worries had been solved. Baekho, who produced the album, was the most worried, and I felt touched when I saw him smile brightly.

On a “table” that was memorable for the members, Minhyun chose a time when they drank all together while they were struggling with weak results and financial difficulties. He said, “At the time, we ate jokbal (pig’s feet) on the living room floor without a table, and we shared various stories while crying and comforting each other,” explaining that the members feel proud of each other because they overcame those difficult moments and are living well now.

When asked about how the members have grown, Minhyun shared that in the past, the members had moments when they argued and aspects in which they didn’t get along. He continued, “Little by little, we accepted that each of our personalities and [living] patterns are different, and now it has become a habit to be considerate of each other without even putting in effort.”

He also mentioned that the members excessively compliment each other on purpose to give each other self-confidence. Minhyun also touched upon the group’s title as a “visual group,” saying that looks are subjective. He added, “With my taste in perspective, I think all our members are good-looking.”

Minhyun was also asked about his signature way of speaking. He shared that he read the news and books out loud in order to fix his dialect from Busan. He added, “In order to become a good person, you shouldn’t say words that hurt others,” explaining that he also practiced speaking in a more thoughtful manner until it became a habit for him.

On practicing for his musical “Marie Antoinette,” Minhyun revealed that he tried to adjust his singing style in order to put more strength in his normal singing voice. He received private lessons and gained tips from the other actors in the musical. He said, “While doing the musical, I learned that I can also make sounds with strength as well.”

Regarding his Instagram username “optimushwang,” Minhyun shared that Optimus Prime is like a hero to him for being a character that always sacrifices himself in order to save others. As his real life hero, Minhyun chose his father who always sends him messages of support. He shared, “I gain strength after talking with my father.”

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