Lee Jae Wook Talks About His Rising Popularity, Why He Became An Actor, And More

High Cut recently released photos of Lee Jae Wook’s casual looks for a new pictorial!

During the interview that followed the photo shoot, Lee Jae Wook talked about his acting transformation from his role of Seol Ji Hwan in tvN’s “Search: WWW” to Baek Kyung in MBC’s “Extraordinary You.” He shared, “When I first received the script for Seol Ji Hwan, I got the impression that he was such a gentle person. Meanwhile, Baek Kyung was the complete opposite. From the way I speak and the school uniform fashion, I thought I had to express everything in the opposite way. I had to completely flip my mindset.”

Lee Jae Wook continued to talk about his real personality, sharing, “Honestly, I’m not that fun, but I try to always be cheerful and enjoyable. Especially because I tend to be the youngest on set, I try hard to bring energy.”

When asked whether or not he can feel his growing popularity, he shared, “Just a year ago, when I went to my regular cafe, I was one of the people who sat quietly and drank coffee. These days, there are many cases in which people say, ‘It’s Baek Kyung,’ or, ‘It’s Ji Hwan,’ and ask for my autograph, so I realize [my popularity] then.” He also added, “My mother and older sister still think it’s bewildering, and they keep on glancing back and forth between me on television and in real life.”

On what made him decide to become an actor, Lee Jae Wook shared, “During my school days, I took on a lot of part-time jobs. I did various jobs, but acting was the first time I felt attracted to something and felt the desire to work hard for. I received acting lessons for the first time and it seems that I got to this point while preparing for my entrance exam. I worked hard on my own, and after seeing myself gradually change, I really wanted to become an actor for my career,” adding that he wants to become an actor who always has a modest heart.

Lee Jae Wook’s pictorial and interview will be available on November 21 through Issue 252 of High Cut.

Catch up with the latest episode of “Extraordinary You” below!

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