ASTRO Talks About Moonbin's Hiatus, Changes For Comeback, 1st Place Promise, And More

ASTRO celebrated their comeback with the new mini album “Blue Flame” on November 20 at a showcase, and they talked about promoting without Moonbin, their latest concept, and more.

Moonbin is having to sit out the group’s comeback due to health issues, and so ASTRO is promoting their new album with five members.

On the topic of Moonbin’s hiatus, JinJin said, “I feel sorry towards the fans who’ve been waiting for ASTRO.” He added, “When we were talking among the members and our company, we said a lot, ‘Moonbin’s health comes first.’ That’s why this decision was made, and although we’re sad about it too, we’re going to work hard as we perform with the mindset that Moonbin is always together with us.”

Cha Eun Woo said, “Moonbin is a great performer and also we wanted to perform as a full group for the first time in a while. It’s really sad that we’re unable to do this together, and I feel sorry towards our fans.” He added, “We’ve split up Moonbin’s parts between us and we tried harder and worked hard while preparing so that his absence won’t be felt as much as possible and so that he can be welcomed warmly when he returns.”

He went on to say that it upsets them too, and he asked their fans to join ASTRO in supporting Moonbin so that he recover and return. Rocky shared that Moonbin had supported them by cheering them on because it was their showcase day.

For their comeback with “Blue Flame,” ASTRO is taking on a “fantasy fatale” concept, which is a transformation from their “refreshingly sexy” look for their January album “All Light.” It’s said that ASTRO will be wearing some “shocking” outfits on stage for this comeback, such as deep necklines and clothes that show their backs.

MJ said, “It was my first time showing my back, so I really worked hard at exercising.” Cha Eun Woo said, “We tried a lot of things visually for this album. For the jacket photos, I had hair extensions that went as far as my neck and tried the brightest hair color I’ve had since debut.”

Sanha, who was chosen as the group’s next “visual” after Cha Eun Woo, said shyly that he hadn’t tried to do anything in particular. He added, “The other members are all so handsome and charming. It’s said that you start to look like the people you like. I think I look like Eun Woo because I like him.”

The group also talked about their choreography for their new song, naming the key dance move as their “flame dance.” Rocky said, “There’s a move we do in the cross part that resembles the action of starting a fire with a match.”

Rocky composed the song “When the Wind Blows,” which he described as a fan song. He said, “There’s been a lot of times when we’ve promoted when the cold wind was blowing. The song is about how I think of [our fans] AROHA when I meet them and also when we can’t be together.”

Lastly, Cha Eun Woo talked about how they want to win first on a major network music show. He said, “If we have a chance to give a speech when we win first, I want to mention Moonbin then.”

For their first place promise, Rocky said they want to perform in costumes that fit the “beauty and the beast” concept in their music video.

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