Girl's Day's Hyeri Talks About Comparisons To

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently sat down for an interview to talk about the end of her latest drama, tvN’s “Miss Lee.”

Hyeri debuted in 2010 through the girl group Girl’s Day and shot to popularity as an actress with her starring turn in the drama “Reply 1988.” Since then, she has appeared in multiple productions such as SBS’s “Entertainer,” MBC’s “Two Cops,” and the film “Monstrum.”

In “Miss Lee,” Hyeri played the titular character, Lee Sun Shim, a low-ranking employee at a struggling company who suddenly becomes the CEO overnight. She said, “When I first saw Sun Shim in the script, I thought that she was very different from me. I’m the type of person who honestly says what they feel, so I was often angry at her words and behavior because I didn’t understand them. I wanted to fight for her on her behalf, but once I took a step back, I realized that she was similar to the person I was nine years ago, someone just starting out in society.”

In the interview, Hyeri also addressed people who still only remember her for her role in “Reply 1988.” She said, “I never thought that I needed to show a different side of myself every time I did a production after ‘Reply 1988.’ If I thought like that, it would be hard to start something new. Deok Sun, Sun Shim, and Min Ji are all characters that I have played. If I make a facial expression and think that I’m Deok Sun, I’m Deok Sun. If I try to change that every time, I’m tying myself down. So I just focused on Sun Shim instead.”

Hyeri is also frequently compared to other young actresses who got their start in the idol industry, such as Suzy and AOA’s Seolhyun. She said, “Our characters are totally different. We are all walking different roads toward becoming different actors. Rather than competition, I cheer them on when I see them. I’m not the same as them, but I can relate to them, so I cheer for them. Suzy and I are the same age, so we’re friends, and I met Seolhyun on ‘Amazing Saturday’ and we talked a lot there. Rather than competition, I hope that we can all do well. Even if I think of it as a competition, it’s not like I’ll win by thinking that, or that I’ll lose by not thinking that. I know that these thoughts are meaningless. Rather than comparing yourself to others, it’s important to do well wherever you are.”

“Miss Lee” wrapped up on November 14 by setting a new personal best in viewership ratings.

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