“Extraordinary You” Cast Has A Blast At Drama Wrap Party

Extraordinary You” has come to an end!

On November 22, the MBC drama aired its finale, and the cast held what looks to be an exciting wrap party. MBC uploaded photos of the cast at the party, one featuring Lee Jae Wook and SF9’s Rowoon laughing and clapping for Kim Hye Yoon. The caption reads, “The reason Ha Roo and Baek Kyung are smiling like dads is?! Because of Dan Oh. #ExtraordinaryYouForever”

Another post features Lee Jae Wook and child actor Kim Gun Woo, who played the younger version of Lee Jae Wook’s character Baek Kyung. The caption says, “Baby Kyung, adult Kyung #GoodbyeExtraordinaryYou #OfficiallyGoodbye”

Many members of the cast also took to their personal Instagram accounts to express gratitude for fans and viewers.

Kim Hye Yoon shared an adorable photo of herself, captioned, “Thank you for watching and loving ‘Extraordinary You’!!! (Goodbye Eun Dan Oh…)”

SF9’s Rowoon posted photos of himself with the cast and crew. He shared, “I hope the Ha Roo I loved will be remembered in all of your hearts for a long time. To my fellow actors and the staff who worked hard both inside and outside, the last six months were happy. ‘Extraordinary You’ done”

Lee Jae Wook uploaded a short and sweet post of him in his graduation cap and gown, captioned, “Thank you.”

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APRIL’s Naeun also posted a shot of herself at graduation. She captioned the photo, “It’s graduation!”

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Kim Young Dae also uploaded a photo from graduation with his flowers, captioning the post, “Thank you to everyone who loved ‘Extraordinary You.’ #ExtraordinaryYou”

Jung Gun Joo expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for watching ‘Extraordinary You’ until now.”

Lee Tae Ri made two posts, dedicating the first to the three main characters of the drama. He lovingly captioned the cute photo, “The VIPs of the cafeteria…If we meet in the next universe, I’ll especially give you more seasoned dried squid.”

The second photo features the larger cast and crew and is captioned, “Thank you so much for giving ‘Extraordinary You’ so much love! Goodbye, fairy of seasoned dried squid!”

Watch the finale of “Extraordinary You” here!

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